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Friday Foolishness – Angry Edition

Today’s Music: Dr John – Iko Iko

I have nothing to say about my week. Except that work is hard. Sleep is fleeting. And blogs are fun! Here’s some of what I saw…
Alex Autin took a hilarious road trip. Sharp Little Pencil wrote a powerful poem about child abuse that, even if you don’t know the story she shares, still packs a punch. The Epically Awesome Sights N Bytes gave me an epically awesome award of epic awesomeness award, which still isn’t near as cool as getting to read SnB’s stuff. And Natalie Elizabeth Beech nominated me for a Best Moment award. Check out their sites. Definitely good moments, all around.
Oh, and if you didn’t hear, DJ Matticus had a baby! Well, his wife did the birthing stuff, but still…

Thanks to them and everyone else for making my limited time in the sphere this week time well spent.

The Voodoo Maple Bacon Doughnut. Not a cupcake, but ridiculously delicious.

But last week, the question was cupcakes!!!. And from the answers, y’all are some very…creative…bakers! Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments are frosted in italics.)

Icing, real icing-not that whipped creamy stuff, real icing and maybe caramel…
(Wait – so you don’t like real icing???)
I’m having a difficult time getting my mind out of the gutter. (Frank)
(That’s why we get along so well!)
Love and a bit of spit from the baker… “so there’s a little bit of YOU in it!”
(Are you sure that’s spit in the creamy frosting?)
(No, I didn’t just say that.)
(Move along…)

Anything but SNOW and ICICLES 🙂 Yay… Andro
(How about slush and mud? Fresh! Mmm…)
“Dung.” Joe said this. – NicoleMarie
(Is Joe on the Food Network?)
“Poopysnot.” – Also Joe. (NicoleMarie)
(Ah, no. Apparently he’s on Ren & Stimpy.)
Love, MBT
Hair balls-Don’t go there-I’m talking about my kid’s kitty Cupcake! (Stacy)
(It’s very important to shave the cat before putting it in a cupcake.)
ducken. B_T
(Thank you for leaving out the Turd.)
Love, love, love, do de doo . . . Benzeknees
(Nono, the hash goes in the brownie recipe.)
it’s broccoli, dude. 2 Cs, 1 L. WG
(Actually, it’s Brocolli Man! My superpowers come from the typ- Oops. I’ve said too much.)
Cupcake juice. – Hotspur
(It it were anyone else, I’d think that was an innuendo…)
Cupcakes are just a vector getting icing in my mouth. (rollergiraffe)
(I believe the formula you need is √(x², y²)(sugar)/(awesome²))
crack and crank, so we can stay up for days and eat more cupcakes PMAO
(That won’t be enough for the munchies. I mean, so I’ve heard…)
They are full of guilt because that’s all I feel after eating ’em. (UndercoverL)
(I buy my cupcakes at Penance Bakery too!)
Sit ups. The more you eat the flatter your stomach gets! Linda Vernon Humor
(I’ve always found situps to be gristly.And a bit sinewy.)
can i substitute gin for the vodka to go with the crushed dream filling?
(Next you’ll want to substitute hope and joy too…)
flour, egg, vanilla, sugar… thematticuskingdom
(well sure, if you just want something tasty.)
chocolate cake topped with peanut butter frosting. sandylikeabeach
(That’s going to be one full cupcake!)
Mayonnaise! Mwahaha! Surprise, that’s not cream cheese! Becca 25toFly
(The truth about Junior’s downfall revealed…)
Pie – calahan
(There’s an awful lot of math here this week…)
Blood, then no one would eat them. Just solved our obesity problem. –Lily In Canada
(Or created a new “fat vampire” problem…)
I like my cupcakes filled with little cupcakes…PMAO
(Then wrapped in cupcakes and served on a bed on cupcakes?)
Weight-loss pills. And chocolate. Carrie Rubin
(Or chocolate flavored weight loss pills! (Anyone remember AYDS? Anyone?))
(Sorry, I thought that went without saying. In everything.)
They are a terrific way to dispose of the bodies…with a grin. Red.
(How do you dispose of bodies with frowns? Because I have a lot more of those…)
Bacon! Twindaddy
(That’s just the lard frosting talking…)
LSD, Guap brains, and girl scouts – Rutabaga
(Sounds like a delicious recipe. For a long prison sentence…)
Chocolate (I’m saying it anyway), wine and crushed Doritos…yum. Rogue
(Are “crushed Doritos” the new “crushed dreams”? Because if they are, despair never tasted so good!)
(He’s starting to look like he’s been stuffed with a few too many cupcakes…)
Peeps. Yellow Marshmallow ones not humans (Elyse 54.5)
(Are the yellow ones ripe? Humans, not the Marshmallow ones…)
angry birds (SnB)
(Nono, the smartphone poll was two weeks ago.)

Congratulations to MBT for this week’s winning answer! (Yes, I can be that sentimental.) And from the offered choices, the most popular was Crushed dreams. And vodka. Because it really is all about the flavor.
Recently, Michelle at Motley News posted a bunch of pictures of anti-protesters at Westboro Baptist Church protests. And it’s good to know that silliness and social responsibility can go hand in hand. It also go me thinking – what gets you mad enough to hold up as sign on a street corner?
So that’s this week’s poll. Get your answers in by 2359 EST on 4 April, because that’s when this one ends.
(And if you leave a way to recognize you in your “other” answer, I’ll link back to you next week.)

So the last few week(end)s were a bit more work-filled than I usually like. To keep my sanity, I’ve been listening to a lot of music. And some videos are very entertaining.
Here are two that always get a smile out of me.
First, I’m pretty sure we’ve seen the last of this band, but this is a fun tune and fun video they left behind.

And this is one of my girl’s favorites. Flamingos! With yoyos! What’s not to love?

Smile a lot, y’all, and hopefully I’ll be able to drag my ass out to see you a bit more next week…