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Flash In The Pan – What’s “Left”?

Today’s Music: Gaslight Anthem – Diamond Church Street Choir

One thing about blogging: if you’re ever stuck for ideas, there are more than enough prompts, challenges and questions out there as sources of inspiration. One in particular comes from Red at The M3 Blog (neé Momma’s Money Matters), the Flash In The Pan challenge.
Red presents a word, and a word count limit. It’s often up to the author to decide what meaning to assign the word, and how many of the available words they use.
I’ve been reading the entries to the challenges for a while now and enjoyng them. As an added incentive to participate, Red binds all the entries up in her qurterly Flash In The Pan books, published and sold through Redmund Productions.
Check em out, and play along if you like.

The current challenge has a 75 word limit, and uses the word Left.

The projectiles of our enemy heralded their arrival. We fell into position at the forward edges of our lines, Crandell next to me, preaching as always.
“And where will you turn?”, he bellowed against the backdrop of fire. “When the choice is before you – good or evil, life or death, right or wrong – where will you turn?”
A bullet ricocheted past.
“Left”, I replied, unlimbering my weapon. “I’ll turn left”.

We opened fire.