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Friday Foolishness – Grainy Edition

Today’s Music: The Cult – Sanctuary
Note on Today’s Music: Saw tehm last night. They did all of Electric, then another hour. Good show. The opening band, White Hills, SUCKED!!! and did over an hour. fMeh.

I day, you day, because all day, it’s Friday!!! Yeah, I didn’t get enough sleep this week. Because I was too busy reading blogs! Here’s some of what I saw…
Rarasaur told us about bedtime stories. GingerFightBack returned to the early days of train travel (tales).
And moreissuesthantimemagazine gave me a Sunshine Award! (Maybe because I’m trying to invent cold fusion using Cheerios and Scotch.) You should check her out. I’ve really been enjoying her posts!

Looks exactly like it did last week...

Looks exactly like it did last week…

But before you do that, let’s consider what made up last weeks poll, which asked us to consider what made up the blue plate special. Here’s what you said.
(As always, my comments are smothered in italics.)

Making a comeback 🙂 Andro
(I think we’d prefer if it made a “go away”.)
A laxative in disguise, eat wisely or else? 😦 Andro
(Is that a laxitive in a disguise, or a laxative “after” picture???)
The hobo meal of the day, bet you are soooo pleased? 🙂 Andro
(Meal made from hobos makes me gassy…)
It always tastes like chicken
(You didn’t actually eat it, did you???)
Neeps with a side of fries..it’s a real thing….zannyro
(A disgusting meal poll and you don’t mention MacNiven’s haggis?)
I don’t work blue… plate… PMAO
(The thought of you naked on a plate made me lose my appetite.)
AKA The Daily Surprise (Frank)
(The surprise comes later, in the bathroom)
pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, or worse: him, him, him (Stacy)
(If those are my choices, I’m safer with the mystery meat…)
Sharp Little Pencil says: Carp left over last night, in a casserole with cheese
(Guap’s stomach says “rumblerumblerumble”.)
for a limited time only, served on a red plate. – Revis
(Wouldn’t a green plate hide the vomit better?)
Garnished with it… shhhhh 🙂 Andro
(Parsely never tasted so good…)
Being stolen at this very minute, oy come back or else? Andro
(My stomach picks “or else”.)
A big warm bun and a huge hunk of meat. (Goes with your shirt!) RoS
(There are those who think it should go on my Hawaiian shirt. With a few layers of opaque heinz 57 on top.)
Blue Waffles. – Hotspur
(Wasn’t that a big hit for Elvis?)
All the shit that’s going bad. Duh! –KBar3
(By the time it’s shit, hasn’t it already gone bad?)
what he gets when she is on the red light special (UndercoverL)
just the White Plate Special, but kind of depressed. – calahan
(Sprinkle a little xanax on it, we’ll all feel better about what’s on that plate.)
Recipes if you knew the ingredients you wouldn’t put it in your mouth. Red.
(Yeah! What’ in those “vegetables” anyway???)
Something the cook made too much of yesterday – Benzeknees
(No, that goes in the casserole.)
Odetta’s forspecial madness. thematticuskingdom
(Not better than Hot Tuna. Just different.)
green eggs, ham, and blue food coloring. thematticuskingdom
(I will not eat them on a dare. I think they’re filled with feet and hair.)
Some “Da Ba Dee” curtesy of Eiffel 65. thematticuskingdom
(Eep Opp Ork Ah Ah, courtesy of the blue robot from the Jetsons.)
blue dog. thematticuskingdom
(pink elephant?)
The $2 options at the sushi-go-round up the street. Quirky
Chupacabra Con Pollo — Linda Vernon
(It’s the Bigfoot shavings that make the dish come alive.)
pink fluffy unicorns, you know, dancing on rainbows. Alex Autin
(They just doctored the stray animal to make it look like a unicorn.)
brickhousechick says, the week’s leftover chewed once – food
(That meal is for the birds.)
from a dinner in Kmart. Rutabaga
(Toilet sales go up when they sell that!)
blue balls lightly tossed in “you’ll never get to finish” sauce – Twindaddy
(It’s as popular as Ramen Noodles wih the college crowd!)
french fries covered with dressing and gravy, aka Trucker’s special (SnB)
(My favorite breakfast as a blue plate special?)
Made for somebody else. Elyse 54.5.
(Soylent green is- Oh, thought you said “from” somebody else…)
Better not be a unicorn 😦 Anja
(No, that’s the soup du jour.)

Congratulations to Quirky for this weeks winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular was a tie between these polls, in edible form. and BRRRRAAAIIIINNNSSSS!!!! (Editors note: I always get a kick when this answer fits. Even when it is a little…creepy…). So thanks for equating These Polls and Brains!!!

I enjoy doing these polls. I think they’re better than sliced bread! But that begs the question, what else is better than sliced bread? This week, that’s what we want to know. This one closes at 2359 EDT, 28 Aug, so get your answers in by then. (And if you leave an “Other” answer, leave a way to identify you, and I’ll link back next week.)

Which means that now we’re into the wrap up section.
And to send you on your way with a smile, here’s some Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence, doing what they do best – making each other laugh.

Have a great week everyone!

P.S. – I don’t know that this is “funny”, or even all that interesting. But I got a kick out of it, so I figured I’d tuck it in down here.