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Friday Foolishness – Idling Edition

Today’s Music: KISS – New York Groove
Note on Today’s Music: Yep. I’m back.

Where does the time go? the holiday season is upon us, winter is coming, and the calendar is about to tick the completed box on another year. What is a net junkie to do?
Why, read blogs of course! Here’s some of what I saw this week:
Madame Weebles is offering to reveal herself for a good cause. Live Clay found the next place I want to live, and SandyLikeABeach worked her magic (in her 200th post!) in picture form.
Finally, blame this link on the sciencey influence of Alex and Frank: a Wired article about the future of space exploration with Humans and Robots.

And thank you all for an exceptional week of reads. I wish I could link them all.

Hurricane Isabel (More dramatic than Sandy, but same kind of thing.)

But if I did, you’d all be busy reading those, and never make it to the big question: What about last weeks poll?!?
We asked Why does Mother Nature hate the Northeast? And wow, did your answers storm in! Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments lie in ruins in italics.)
it doesn’t have a tail.. lizzie
(But it certainly was monkeying around.)
she is farting in your general direction..the winds will change.. lizziec
(Someone needs to talk to her about changing her diet!)
she’s pissed that I moved to the Midwest.
(We’ll have to ask her to take it up with you. In the mid-west. Hmph.)
porkroll! (words&otherthings)
(Next time, Can we turn her on to whatever food Minnesota is known for ?)
she upgraded to iOS6 and the map says she’s in Texas! (Kanerva)
Because Jim Cantore needs a reason to visit NYC.
(Doesn’t he know he can order those LL Bean jackets online?)
she adores seeing Christie in his “Christie” stenciled jacket. sandylikeabeach
(She could have just taken Mario Cantore’s)
To make you ask that question. x,Becca
(I’d rather have to ask why delicious donuts hate NYC. Mmmm…)
Because the NE is a good booger, and all good boogers need to be picked. (Frank)
(Well, you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but…)
She is opposed to the Nanny State infringing on her credentials. Red
(Could she be a little less “Mommy Dearest” about it?)
She desperately wants Trump to cut his hair by blowing it around Benzeknees
(She can’t make it look scarier than Trump already has…)
of Snooki. Or big hair. One of the two. Signed, former Jersey girl
(Next time, she could just drive up in an IROC-Z and smack her…)
She is trying to fix Mr. Trump’s hair! Your Royal GingerSnaapness
(Or destroy everything around it to make the hair look good by comparison.)
She’s mad that the Soprano’s canceled. Michelle
She’s hoping to finally see the Statue of Liberty in a pair of highwaters.- LindaV
(Wet steel toga contest!)
Northwest is the BEST. (Lily in Canada)
(Got it. 30 feet of snow, first prize. Hurricane, second prize..)
17% of US population live in 2% of land area. People disperse! Quirky
(That’s positively spacious compared to Tokyo)
Dear People, Megalopolis’ suck. Love, Mother Nature. – Quirky again
(Can’t she just suck her teeth and shake her head at us disappointedly, like a normal mom?)
Is it megalopolis’, megalopoli, megalopolises…? – Quirky (I’m done)
(Actually, it’s pronounced Guapolopolis.)
I think she wanted to lay off the south for once – Becca 25tofly
(She could have at least blown some good bbq up here…)
Could it be the quality of your beer?
(But Brooklyn Brewery makes a delicious tasty palatable chocolate beer!)
Mother Nature hates all of us. (Stacy)
(But then why would she give us the natural wonder of Twinkies?)
Donald Trump lives there. I was hoping he’d get blown away. (sandylikeabeach)
(I’m blown away every time he says something. And not in a good way either.)
She knows that Northeasterners can take it (sadly) Elyse 54.5
(Actually, the Northeast took it (angrily).)

Not El Guapo.

Congratulations to Kanerva for this weeks winning answer! (She’s been racking up wins. Is this thing rigged?) And from the offered choices, the most popular was Canada is too polite to get angry at. So congratulations to everyone who picked our way-too-kind friends from the north!

This week, we are deep into fall. It’s almost time for the spring countdown clock to go up. Right now, I’m idling, waiting for winter to start in earnest so i have something to do. Because the halloween mazes are down. Apple picking season ended. There’s nothing to do.
So I put it to you, people of the sphere, What’s an adrenaline junkie to do? Yep, that’s this weeks question. And I’m pretty sure you’re up to the challenge.
If you leave a write in answer, leave a way to recognize you so I can link back to you next week. But answer the challenge by 2359 EST, 22 Nov, because that’s when this one ends.

In closing, I’ve been relatively absent from the sphere of late. I’m still not 100% sure what was bothering me, but I seem to have gotten over it. There should be some new stuff coming along soon.
So on this Friday of Foolishness, let me send you on your way to a hopefully fantastic weekend with one of the goofiest videos I’ve seen in a while.
A Pakistani coworker sent me this video. The song is Punjabi, and is supposed to be an affirming kind of thing.
Hope you enjoy what these guys do to it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

According To Guap

Today’s Music: KISS = I Wanna Rock N Roll All Night
Mel: What should I wear to a distillery?

Brain Tomahawk: Beer Goggles?

El Guapo: A bib

Mel: Thanks! I’m excited for the big 21 this year! Finally. I can drink!!
– Above taken from twitter conversations. At different times.

Have you ever seen such a happy couple?

Today is a big day. A special day. Yes, it’s a birthday-versary!
It’s the *mumblemumble*th anniversary of Melissa’s 21st birthday!

But what do you get the blogger who has everything? One with a successful loving husband who works to fill in gaps in her education and help shore up her geek cred. (Even if his sense of smell is lacking)
What do you get the woman who has two adorably cute children – ones that can play with each other while dressed as superheroes?

She’s a super hero too!

They’re both really very sweet. One of them will remember to say goodnight to the evil giant crab under the bed, while the other sends his Mom the sweetest text messages.

What do you get a woman who is creative enough to regularly enter Trifecta or 100 Word Song? Who is fearless enough to tell you things she is afraid to tell you?

Do you get her a trip to a city? Nah, she’s already done that.

…after that, the city was never the same…

Do you set her up a second blog? Nope, she’s got one of those too
(Before I tell you what you get an incredible blogger, a spectacular wife and mother, and a good friend, I just want to let you know that she does have a dark side as well.)

Obviously, you get her a blog post, and join a bunch of really cool bloggers simultaneously yelling out HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MEL!!!!
It’s a pleasure reading your posts, tweets and emails, and it’s an honor and a pleasure to know you. (And if you’re late getting to this post, I’ll know it was just a phone reception issue.)
Hope you and your family have a fantastic day in your honor, and many many days to come!

You only heard me?
Oh…well how about we yell it out sequentially.
The birthday party continues at all the sites listed below.
Old Dog New Tits
KBar3 & Donna
My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog
The Joy of Joe
Betty Rants, and the Raggs
And finally, a delightful tribute from her husband.
Follow the party around the web!
And wish Melissa the happiest birthday ever! (until next year of course. 😉 )