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Friday Foolishness – Working Late Edition

Today’s Music: Tennessee Ernie Ford – Sixteen Tons
Days Til Spring: 4!!!

It was a looong week. Actually had to work at work. What’s that all about? And at night too! Oh, the guapanity…
But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t lurking about online when I had the chance. And I saw some stuff that made all the work issues a little easier to bear.
ODNT harassed asked Alec Baldwin for a tweet. And he replied!
Ginger Snaap and Lizzie Cracked made some horrendous hilarious additions to the language. And Asplenia was invited running! (This might be the last we hear of her for a while…)
Thanks to them and all the rest of you. You made a long week a little easier to get through.

Of course, some of the extra work was from administering last weeks poll. Because some of you have very…odd ways of waking in spring. And here they are, WhatYou Like To Be Woken By In Spring: (as always, my comments are in italics).
Kisses. Awwwww… ~flame
(Why wait until spring for that? (And great to see you, flame!))
My heart restarting yet again. (BrainRants)
(That doesn’t sound too bad. And here I was thinking it was next to impossible to make you happy!)
the smell of ribeye on a bbq and a freshly opened beer. John Phillips
(Damn, those Canadians like a very hearty breakfast!)
Silence and yet another snow fall (Kanerva)
(Great to see you, Kanerva! And you realize we’re talking about spring, right?)
lilacs, the lovliest and most short-lived scent of beauty in spring… janet
Hotspur says: sex.
(Sounds like Hotspur is all talk!)
3 naked Argentinian guys, same as every morning – Alex A.
(But I thought you went to bed with 4 Bolivian me– OOOOOOOH…nevermind.)
Sex, a mimosa & sound of someone else cooking our brekkie in bed. Red
(If someone is cooking in your bed, then where are you having se– OOOOOOOH…nevermind.)
a nice (fill in the blank) – barking in the dark
(A humorous (fill in the comment))
Neighbor’s running whilst I medicate the hangover & scratch things
(Neighbors running from you? That’s one hell of a hangover!)
Coffee…and a good book calling my name.
(Books can say so much. So loudly.)
The Spring Fairy Bitch Slap! —Linda Vernon
(Sounds like someone is getting a little punchy waiting for the equinox!)
The sound of my baby trying to talk. How I wake up everyday.
(Every day? ETERNAL SPRING!!!)
the sound of gunshots when my neighbor tries to silence those chirping birds!
(Please make sure there are no branches by your bedroom window!)
A marching band comprised of mice playing their tiny instruments….
(Ok Cinderella. Stop showin’ off. Or the neighbor from above might come after you…)
A special someone who has BRRRRRAAAIIINNNNSSS and is horny. A Frank Angle
(Let’s see…goats have horns…moose…unicor– OOOOOOOH…nevermind.)
I like to be woken by *blushing* NEVERMIND!!! lizziec
(You too?!? Cripes, you people are obsessed with fu- OOOOOOOH…nevermind.)

So there you have it. Apparently spring brings out the inner bunny in a lot of folks.
Congratulations, Janet on picking the winning answer.
And for anyone wondering, the most popular offered choice was “Don’t know. But if it’s too early, it’ll be the last sound you ever make, buddy!” So obviously, you aren’t all about the love.

Which brings us to this weeks poll.

I hate working late. Sometimes it’s unavoidable. And at one point or another we all have to do it.
So here’s this weeks question. If you write in “Other”, leave your name in the answer too and I’ll link back to you.
Just do it before 2359, on 22 March, because the poll will close forever after that!

And to keep you busy until next week, I leave you with these excellent workday time wasters…

Enjoy your week everyone. But don’t enjoy St Pats too much, or you’ll miss the start of spring!