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Friday Foolishness – Idyllic Edition

Today’s Music: Allen Stone – Sleep

If it wasn’t for taking a day off this week, I don’t think I’d have had any time to myself. Fortunately, I had some good company in the sphere. Here’s some of what I saw.
Sofia Leo gave a flat out NO! to the narc. World According to Scarp spent some quality time with her son. And one of my favorites, Barb Froman popped back in!
Also, Susan gave me the WordPress Family Award.
Thanks to them, and everyone else for another fine week blogging!

Last week was all about the cooking! Or rather, what you use to cook. And from the answers. y’all have some interesting kitchens! Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments are stirring in italics.)
Utensil? I just grab food with my grubby paws. –Brian from U by C
(Grubby seasoned grub…)
A hairless male torso to use as a plate (preferably attached to a body) polysyllabicprofundities
(And the navel is a built in sauce cup!)
It’s supper round here. Butter knife with the little notches bbbatez
(I have mementos of the meals I’ve killed too…)
your momma!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!
(She’s just glad you’re not using your fingers.)
“I can’t live without my microwave” sung by RunningOnSober channeling LL Cool J
(“Those irradiated donuts are a copkiller!” sung by El Guapo channeling Ice T)
SPORK!!! Twindaddy
(Another combo that should never have happened, like death & taxes…acid & jeans…)
Dinner at my house: That metal thing? It’s called a fork. Use it. DD
(Dinner at our house: If we order in, I don’t have to wash dishes!)
Chopsticks. Red. No, not as an accompaniment.
(Of course not. Those are used for drumming on the soufle.)
my wooden spoon (boring, but true) Stacy
(Sounds like you’re not using that spoon in the right room…)
your mother. she never screams when it’s hot ~R (or Miss R to you!)
(No, that’s fine, you just go out for dinner. She’ll sit and nurse her burns.)
Tortilla chips. Everything tastes better on a tortilla chip. ~Maddie Cochere
(Which is why the top chip in a pile looks so nervous…)
My penis (PMAO)
(Do they make teflon coated condoms?)
BOOBIES!!!!! Revis
(They’re what’s for dinner!)
Does a wine glass count? Elyse 54.5
(Well, if you can still count, you aren’t…eating enough.)
A shot glass. GingerTini
(Can’t fit much of a taco in that…)
What’s a utensil? Snaap
(It’s the bicycle the Chinese Food guy delivers on.)
My index finger – best thing for pudding! Benzeknees
(Have you met PMAO?)
My hands, and the stickier, the better. The Bumble Files
(Are we still talking about food?)
Gotta be the corkscrew. Not just for kitchens anymore. (UndercoverL)
(Used to keep a corkscrew in my car! Then they made the lights shorter.)
I use a lightbulb. I find I don’t eat as much that way. Linda Vernon
Another piece of food, like celery you can dip that into anything. SPP
(That might be the only acceptable use for beef jerky.)
Some sort of modified funicular – I like a lot of food….Rutabaga
(Just roll the food right down the hill into your mouth!)
My mouth. Without it, everything else is useless~~Addie
my fingers of course SnB
(They’re much better as an ingredient!)
Food Fight!! Raising The Curtain
(Are the pickles stabbing the olives again?)
My hands, but with my pinkies up…I’m a lady, you know! Rogue
(Pinkies are the first thing I look for in a lady!)

Congratulations to Addie for this weeks winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular was A spatula. So I can flip it. Flip it good.. So congratulations to everyone who thought I should use Devo for Today’s Music!
This week, I once again thought about how I’d like to get away from it all. But if you were stranded on a desert island, what would you want? Well, that’s the question.
Answer as often as you like, but do it by 2359 EST, 2 May, because that’s when this one ends. (And if you leave an “other” answer, leave some ID too and I’ll link back to you next week.)

Well, to wrap up the foolishness until next week, since last weeks second video was so popular, I hope you all enjoy this.

And enjoy this too. My wife and I just came across it, and she got a kick out of it.

well,that about does it for me.
See you out there!