Friday Foolishness – Working Late Edition

Today’s Music: Tennessee Ernie Ford – Sixteen Tons
Days Til Spring: 4!!!

It was a looong week. Actually had to work at work. What’s that all about? And at night too! Oh, the guapanity…
But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t lurking about online when I had the chance. And I saw some stuff that made all the work issues a little easier to bear.
ODNT harassed asked Alec Baldwin for a tweet. And he replied!
Ginger Snaap and Lizzie Cracked made some horrendous hilarious additions to the language. And Asplenia was invited running! (This might be the last we hear of her for a while…)
Thanks to them and all the rest of you. You made a long week a little easier to get through.

Of course, some of the extra work was from administering last weeks poll. Because some of you have very…odd ways of waking in spring. And here they are, WhatYou Like To Be Woken By In Spring: (as always, my comments are in italics).
Kisses. Awwwww… ~flame
(Why wait until spring for that? (And great to see you, flame!))
My heart restarting yet again. (BrainRants)
(That doesn’t sound too bad. And here I was thinking it was next to impossible to make you happy!)
the smell of ribeye on a bbq and a freshly opened beer. John Phillips
(Damn, those Canadians like a very hearty breakfast!)
Silence and yet another snow fall (Kanerva)
(Great to see you, Kanerva! And you realize we’re talking about spring, right?)
lilacs, the lovliest and most short-lived scent of beauty in spring… janet
Hotspur says: sex.
(Sounds like Hotspur is all talk!)
3 naked Argentinian guys, same as every morning – Alex A.
(But I thought you went to bed with 4 Bolivian me– OOOOOOOH…nevermind.)
Sex, a mimosa & sound of someone else cooking our brekkie in bed. Red
(If someone is cooking in your bed, then where are you having se– OOOOOOOH…nevermind.)
a nice (fill in the blank) – barking in the dark
(A humorous (fill in the comment))
Neighbor’s running whilst I medicate the hangover & scratch things
(Neighbors running from you? That’s one hell of a hangover!)
Coffee…and a good book calling my name.
(Books can say so much. So loudly.)
The Spring Fairy Bitch Slap! –Linda Vernon
(Sounds like someone is getting a little punchy waiting for the equinox!)
The sound of my baby trying to talk. How I wake up everyday.
(Every day? ETERNAL SPRING!!!)
the sound of gunshots when my neighbor tries to silence those chirping birds!
(Please make sure there are no branches by your bedroom window!)
A marching band comprised of mice playing their tiny instruments….
(Ok Cinderella. Stop showin’ off. Or the neighbor from above might come after you…)
A special someone who has BRRRRRAAAIIINNNNSSS and is horny. A Frank Angle
(Let’s see…goats have horns…moose…unicor– OOOOOOOH…nevermind.)
I like to be woken by *blushing* NEVERMIND!!! lizziec
(You too?!? Cripes, you people are obsessed with fu- OOOOOOOH…nevermind.)

So there you have it. Apparently spring brings out the inner bunny in a lot of folks.
Congratulations, Janet on picking the winning answer.
And for anyone wondering, the most popular offered choice was “Don’t know. But if it’s too early, it’ll be the last sound you ever make, buddy!” So obviously, you aren’t all about the love.

Which brings us to this weeks poll.

I hate working late. Sometimes it’s unavoidable. And at one point or another we all have to do it.
So here’s this weeks question. If you write in “Other”, leave your name in the answer too and I’ll link back to you.
Just do it before 2359, on 22 March, because the poll will close forever after that!

And to keep you busy until next week, I leave you with these excellent workday time wasters…

Enjoy your week everyone. But don’t enjoy St Pats too much, or you’ll miss the start of spring!

76 responses to “Friday Foolishness – Working Late Edition

  1. Thank you for making me laugh and making my friday start off right :D

  2. Sixteen tons is great! Now I’ll be singing another day older, and deeper in debt for the rest of the day.

    With regard to my contribution to the poll: my comment is something I do pretty much anytime I’m alone in the office. Working for myself is going be noisy!

    Finnish spring starts about May and progresses really quickly into summer before going all autumn about August :)

    • I love that song and was glad to find a perfect spot to use it!
      I don;t think I could handle such a short spring. Does its brevity make you savor it more, or just regret its quick passing?

  3. Hi,
    Great answers from last weeks poll, loved you responses as well. :)
    Great choices, I enjoyed the videos, I loved both those songs.

  4. You should have asked how we like being woken up on a FRIDAY morning….but I think you would know the answer. : )
    The best part of the poll results, of course, is your commentary. Hilarious! This said, I LOVED Linda Vernon’s answer!!

  5. Lizzie and I know you printed off your very own Texting Lingo sheet and put it in your pocket. We KNOW.

    Guap- Grown up and peculiar.

    Thanks for the Guapanity!
    You know what? I haven’t given you a new nickname in awhile. Let me work on that!

  6. Hahaha. Guapo, you are so funny. I loved your comments to the poll answers.

  7. Wow…watching those two videos really DID waste some work time! Thanks!

  8. I feel your pain, I’ve had to work this week too. Damn nerve of them

  9. Oh no! Now I’ve got that stupid song (although this one is literally more fun) stuck in my head for the rest of the month! Thanks tons, guaporino! Xo-Beck

    • Hey, just returning the favor for Kim Carnes the other day, Beck. which was probably you returning the favor for the the poll a few weeks ago.
      And the cycle of carnage continues…

  10. You left the FUNNIEST comment I have ever received on my blog EVAR (re: the “he invited me RUNNING?!?” post*):

    “Ha! you’re doomed. (said by a guy who is regretting not stretching his underused body once in the last several months and is hoping to surf this or next weekend.) We should get adjoining rooms in ICU.

    I LAUGHED my ass off out loud to that! Then I reserved gurneys.


  11. 16 Tons! Amazing … the second time I’ve heard this within 24 hours … and I recall hearing it a lot on the juke box at my family’s tavern. BTW – He attended the Conservatory of Music at U of Cincy … and died 36 years to the date of 16 Tons’ release.

    Meanwhile, thanks to everyone for the chuckles … and hey … don’t work so hard!

    • Tennessee Ernie made his bones in Ohio? Thanks, Frank, I didn’t know that about him.
      And as far as working so hard, why start now?

      • From what I can tell, he came to UC in 1939 to study classic music. Since he also served in WW II, it seems he did graduate. However, he was born and raised in Tennessee.

        BTW – I remember his TV show.

  12. Wow! An unprecedented 4, count ‘em 4 “Ooooooh…neverminds in one post! Congratulations. That is Guaptastic.
    There must be some chain style award for this.

    • Thank you Rich. Once you use the first, the rest just sort of fall into place…
      I’d also like to thank the sex obsessed voters. Couldn’t have done it without them.
      Wait – let me rephrase….

  13. Some asshole went and canceled Spring here. It’s gonna jump straight to summer. Can you believe that crap? I am pouting. I’m not sure how I am going to adjust – my inner trollop needs to be ….. wait …. I don;t know what I am saying. Screw my inner trollop…. no wait screw the dude that canceled Spring… oh I think that will solve everything…. ()don;ttell anyone – I have a reputation to ….I have a reputation I need coffee…..and a potty stop….forget I was here.. JMT I;ll be back when I wake up more…

  14. I love those literal songs! So funny! Nice one Guap!

  15. You are pure, unpolluted joy El Guapo! :) :)

  16. Have a good weekend :)

  17. Hilarious songs! Why have I never seen them before??

    And I hit “blog. Obviously” on the poll, but then I remembered how I like to rifle through other people’s desks when I work late. Perhaps I should have entered that in “other”. Oh wait, that sounds creepy. Strike that, I don’t do it… *shifts eyes*.

  18. “Tetanus shots sure make me sore” that’s a funny line for a song. The cat hardly moved. The first video was fun as well, I found myself snapping my fingers.I don’t thing I do that enough, like the bohemian days. Have a great weekend enjoy your time off. :+)

  19. Another great song o’ the day! Muscle & blood and skin & bones…

  20. Sorry you’ve had to work a lot. Thanks for entertaining once again. Hope you get rested up this weekend.

  21. I blog everyday at work. My boss thinks it builds creativity, as long as I send a few links to her so she can read my stuff. I do my best thinking while getting paid to do something else (like my job)

  22. EG, I love this contest every friday…now if my brain would only work overtime i could come up with a witty answer. continue…

    • I’m not sure if it’s a good thing, barkinginthedark,but I really look forward to these every week too.
      I never know what it’s going to be about…

  23. OMG! OMGOMGOMG! Guap mentioned my name in his post! SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

    • Crap. Next time you’re having a bad day, I’ll have to dedicate a post to you, EH.

      • What? I’m genuinely happy to be mentioned. I don’t get mentioned that much lately without ‘abusive’ or ‘bully’ somewhere by my name. Or something. Or awesome. Or ‘wow’. I don’t know. Isn’t cold medicine mixed with beer great!

  24. Off topic … Happy St. Patrick’s Day to team Guapo.

  25. thanks EG… that lilac smell has ALWAYS been the thing I wait for every year and then, I’m so sad when it goes away so soon… are there any lilacs in the big city? I probably won cause I was the only one NOT thinking about – oh, never mind…
    sorry you actually had to do some labor this week – that’s a big time suck… then again, I’m am SOOO broke I “lay me down to sleep” every night hoping this job I been workin on comes through… then yesterday, I find it could be 10 days before the next step (kinda like the 2nd interview) happens… GAWD – I could starve by then!!!
    anyhoo… I had a great time fixin up yesterday’s fractal post,, so I happy you appreciated all my little touches (like GREEN everywhere!!!)…

    hope you’re havin a great weekend, Sir G – try for another nap tomorrow – I actually got 2 today!!! But now I’m tired again, so off to bed…

    barking tony’s answer was pretty funny, but your retort was even better!!!

    L8R G8R
    janet on the green
    16 tons and T Ernie Ford – awesome!!!

    • people in the suburbs grow lilacs in their yards, but we have to go to one of the public gardens to see a lot of them together, Buddhakat.
      I really did enjoy the fractals (hey everyone, click her link and go check ‘em out!), and the Van Morrisson tune with them.
      Really hope that job comes through for you!

  26. oh man i haven’t been here in ages, sup g.

    LOL total eclipse of the heart literal version is one of my fave youtube videos. youtube removed the original video because they’re giant squids.

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