Friday Friday Fo Foolish, Banana Fana So Soolish, Me My Mo Moolish…Foolish!

Today’s Music: Dana Fuchs – Keep On Walkin’
Note On Today’s Music: I was going to go with Starship – Nothngs Gonna Stop Us Now after a twitter conversation with Aussa Lorens, but I’m just not a big enough fan of their music. It brings back too many memories of a thankfully gone era. (Settle own, RoS.) You should check out her blog though! (And RoS too.)
Days Til Spring: 62

RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!! Surprise!! The Kraken is this weeks Foolishness mascot! (Cato Kaelin wanted too much money.)
And what wasn’t a surprise this week? Why, the great blog posts of course! Here‘s some of what I saw…
In a classic case of “better him than me”, Brain Rants researched the types of people who poop. Benzeknees started taking an online class, and AFrankAngle put up a great piece On Compassion.
Thanks to them and all of you for more spectacular reading!

And then there was the question of last time’s poll. Or rather, last time’s poll question, where we asked How will you celebrate Tuesday’s? And wow, the party never stops with you guys! Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments are wearing a lampshade in italics.)

Reading Benzeknees! Elyse 54.5
(I recommend starting with her palms, moving to her aura, then the bumps on her head…)
I, King Julian – oh wait Im not King Julian..that could be a problem.. LizzieC
(Or it could be the solution!!!)
All of the above, naturally (Kanerva)
(A pity this answer wasn’t before the Computer Sex one below.)
not killing anyone.
(Then what will we eat for the celebratory meal?)
By having a hamburger and paying you next tuesday – John Phillips
(You’re such a sweet pea!)
With copious amounts of the sweet, sweet cheeba!
(Sonny Chiba?)
Sonny Chiba
by not forgetting to celebrate every Tuesday. Here’s to Tuesdays! :)
(Wait – Every Tuesday??? We’re gonna need more chips…)
Visiting every business that is closed on Monday. SilkPurseProductions
(Please tell me you didn’t eat at Fridays.)
You know I’ll be knitting, so I have checked that one. Ha! (Stacy)
(And here I was thinking it was my comments that had people in stitches…)
By reminding myself it’s only 3 days til Friday! SnaaapALongG
(Friday’s are boring. TUESDAY!!!!)
a celebratory nap! hang on I have one of those very day..butimbeautiful
(You’re going to need a nap to recover from all those naps!)
Help Guap build Guapolianville for his model train Linda Vernon
(In 1:86 scale, I think their daylong celebration is about 17 minutes…)
having sex on the keyboard and posting the results on my blog? Wife optional.
(I thought the keyboard liked to be on top?)
Thinking “why the fuck am I celebrating on a school night!” Elyse 54.5
(Because what’s going to school without a hangover?)
(Please tell me that wasn’t just me…)

Preparing for that damn camel and his hump~Addie
(It’s always the quiet ones…)
Having a drink with hopes for Tuesday Foolishness (Frank)
(Have a few more, and believe me, the Foolishness will happen.)
Eating tacos and drinking Tequila. I’m practicing for Tuesday tonight! ~Maddie
(Like they say, Live every day like it’s Tuesday.)
Make every tuesday FAT tuesday. Maggie O.C.
(Wouldn’t that make every Wednesday through Monday Lent?)
Tickle Me Tuesday, of course! -Benzeknees
(Oh god! It’s like the office xmas party all over again!)
Performing my morning ablutions at my office desk; floss, moisturize, nose hair.
(I use pomegranate juice to moisturize my nose hair. But I’ve never flossed it.)
With a keg, as is right and proper for every celebration. (thematticuskingdom)
with a bottle of vodka hiding from the world. Tuesdays suck. (thematticuskingdom)
(Of course it sucks. You’re supposed to be using a keg.)
PMAO… Honestly, I don’t have a job, so I forget what day it is…
(Funny, I have a job and keep forgetting who I am…)
sitting at my computer, drinking, and wondering why I’m still alone – Twindaddy
(Sounds like you’re having two Mondays and moving straight to Wednesday.)
Drinking like it’s Friday, then feeling guilty like it’s Saturday. Kayjai
(Now you can sleep it off at work like it’s Monday!)
Getting fucking drunk. I may even wait until after work! -NotAPunkRocker
(I’ve found meetings to be much more fun when I start drinking early.)

Congratulations to DJ Matticus for this weeks winning answer, an answer after my own heart. And from the offered choices, the most popular was a tie between Thanking everything it’s not Monday and Pre-humpday knitting party!!!. So congratulations to all of you that I clearly don’t understand.
See n Say
This week, we continue to enjoy the new year in all its youth. Something else that reminds us of youth is that childhood classic, the See and Say. But it’s a very old toy, and some of the entries could probably do with an update. Well, that’s this weeks poll.
Answer as often as you like, up to 3 Other answers. This one closes ate 2359 EST, on Wednesday, 22 Jan. Because I’m going to try and put the next one up next Friday. And if you do leave an Other answer, leave a way to ID you and I’ll link back next week.

Well, that brings us to the almost end. But before we get tot the very end, I’ll leave you with these…
First, how about a little Muppets?.

And finally, MUPPETS!!!

And that’s the end, but I hope your own Foolishness lives on. Have a great week everyone!

169 responses to “Friday Friday Fo Foolish, Banana Fana So Soolish, Me My Mo Moolish…Foolish!

  1. Gordon Ramsey and Muppets? Perfect Friday for me.

    I am very disturbed by the Sonny Chiba picture for some reason. It’s like I don’t even know him after all.

    • I think the goal with that was to get us all in touch with our own inner Sonny Chibas.

      (It’s also possibly I was just flailing for some sort of response to that answer…)

  2. Lovely….a little Muppets go a long way. Thanks for the Friday smile, Guap!

    • My pleasure, Kayjai.
      If there’s one thing I’ve learned blogging, it;s that mo matter how bad the post is, Muppets can always save it at the end.

  3. My See and Say broke got off kilter, so the sounds went with the wrong animals. Very confusing for a youngster.

  4. It’s time to go home now, right? Tell me it is. Please.

  5. Hooray! Friday Foolishness is back. And I have a new hero in Sonny Chiba.

  6. Muppets are winners! Nice opening tune, but I the pics were distracting from the music. Thanks for the shout-out post! Have a good weekend … and stay warm.

  7. Zombie cows are where it’s at, man.

  8. Ha! Thank you for the musical shout out, such a goooood song :) Also, the “not killing anyone” was totally my answer that I forgot to sign my name beside. Can ya blame me?

  9. I love that someone said “Performing my morning ablutions.” Now that’s a phrase you don’t hear much anymore. Kind of like taking one’s “morning constitution.” But there was no name listed after the comment. Was it Laura Ingalls Wilder, perhaps?…

  10. Banana Fana So Soolish?!! Soolish? Really, Guapo?? :D

    All I can say is that it MUST be Friday, oh – and I can also say I LOVE that Muppets trailer…or @Alex13 says Muppets R da shitz!

    • I thought I’d try different titles then the Editions from the first iteration of the foolishness.
      But save your disbelief. I’m pretty sure they’re going to get worse.

      (They wanted to use your quote, but it would have cost them their PG rating.)

  11. I love the Muppets. Saw this on the tube the other night and my husband and I were cracking up. We rewound it 3 times. Happy Friday, Guap!

  12. Great round up! will check them out!

  13. Very excited about the movie, the last one was one of the few times I went to the cinema. I go more often in Thailand every two years (they have quilts and pillows and reclining seats – it’s the only way to watch a movie)

  14. Friday Foolishness! Desperately needed – thanks for the escape plan!

  15. I love the muppet offerings; they’re a harbinger of a good weekend! manamana!

  16. Victory!! It tastes like steak. Yum. Steak…
    And a cold beer, pulled from the tap of course, too.
    I like winning.

  17. It’s so good to have you back in business, Guapo. Fridays had not been the same – when you took that sabbatical! Mooooo-chas gracias for the laugh. :)

  18. This is hilarious! I coming over here to play more often! I voted uddery ridiculous! Over and mooo..I mean ugh..out

  19. The cow says: Do you realize that very early on in recorded history, your ancestors caught one of my ancestors and since that time millennia ago, you have kept my family in pens and eaten every single one of us? I mean, hunting is okay, we prey animals expect that, but to keep making us have new cows just so you can eating the same cow over and over again, does that really seem fair to you?

  20. I forgot a ‘keep’ in there in the last line, or else that should have said: you can eat the same cow over and over, so forget it… it isn’t funny anymore…

  21. You just posted a Foreigner song for cryin’ out loud! If you had slapped a lame-o Starship song on top of that, the tsunami of un-follows would have caused a breeze through your keyboard. Get ahold of yourself, man.

  22. Hey Guap! Happy Friday! The weekend could not come soon enough! Hope you have a good one!

  23. When you retire, all days are the same except Sunday because the shops close early :-)

  24. Welcome back, Friday Foolishness! And with Muppets, no less.

    But some things are best left forgotten, Guap. Like Kato. (I actually Googled him, as the name sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it …)

  25. I got in! I got a poll answer in! I am not clever enough for this one. All I can think of is “The cow says….take the batteries out of this damn thing before your mother loses her mind.”

    Happy Friday!

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  27. I think you’re legally obligated to put an exclamation point after Starship! It should be said with the same intonation that you’d say “Jazz Hands.”

    62 days until Spring? I just looked out my window, and I think it’s already here.

    Ha! I’m lying. Not about the spring–it’s here, man. I just don’t have any windows in my office with which to see it.

    • Hmph. I’m tempted to send you a window sized 3D painting of a typhoon.
      Put that on your wall and…well…look at it, I guess…

      And they only become Starship because one guy from Jefferson Airplane sued them for using Jefferson Starship.
      I’ll stick with Jack Casady and Jorma Kaukonen in Hot Tuna.
      Hesitation Blues, anyone?

  28. I woke up this morning thinking, Hurray! It’s Friday which means it’s time for Friday Foolishness! And then I thought my life would be perfect if only Guap would start including a mascot on Friday Foolishness. And then I thought what if that mascot was Cato Kaelin! My life would be perfect!!!!!!. But sadly missed it by that much! Kraken is good too though — if you can’t have Cato, that is.

  29. (jumping up & down & twirling around) I got mentioned in Guap’s post! I got mentioned in Guap’s post! Thanks for the mention Guaps, I love it! Hope this week was a better one for you & TMWGITU, have a hug – you deserve one!

  30. Yay! for Muppets! Krakens are seriously cool. My youngest daughter wants one for a pet.
    Happy weekend, Guap.

    • That’s awesome! Pretty sure I love your daughter.
      (But I’m sorry, I’m not available to babysit. I’m getting my feet scraped that night.)
      (I mean every night.)

  31. MUPPETS! :) Though I loved the title nearly as much as the muppets, ha! :)

    • I would like to know where some of this stuff, like that title, comes from.
      So I could send it back, seal the door behind me, and turn this blog into the Adventures in Accounting homage like I planned. ;)

  32. Welcome to Friday, sir. As though Friday was mine to welcome you to. Here’s a video for you!

  33. Here’s a catchy one. Even if you don’t like rap, this song will sink into you.

  34. Exile On Paine Street recommended this blog, so I thought I’d check it out-
    Seriously, is everyone here on adderall? WTF? I’m exhausted! This is the most hyper group of muthafuckas I have ever read, and I have a kid with ADHD who talks until I’m comatose.
    Or maybe it’s because I just posted my most depressing post ever- but I suddenly feel the need to Break Bad and go cook some meth in my garage before I can even, like, engage here.
    But it’s all good. Next time, I’ll just eat something ahead of time. And hydrate. Because a lot of my fave bloggers are playing here, so it must be good.
    And ix-nay on the awesomesauce. That’s very 2013.
    2014 is the Year of the “douchecanoe.”

    • Ha! Don’t hold back, Samara. Just let it out…
      I got lucky to get a good crowd in here, so welcome, and enjoy the fray!

      Exile is a fun blogger. The Starship tune was alos a tribute to him – tell him I said so.

      (Douchecanoe is timeless.)

      • Guap, you cool dude, you-
        I never hold back. But I’m a mush at heart. That’s part of the magic and insanity that is me.

        Exile IS great. He just didn’t warn me, is all. Next time I’ll mainline a little RedBull and all will be well. And Starship is a WHORE, so you have to be kidding with that. Right? Right?

        You’re an amazing blogger, and your reputation well deserved. Now I know why all my friends come here to play.

        Peace out,

  35. Hey I didn’t know that you had started regular postings again, I haven’t had one glimpse of anything of yours in my reader in ages, not since the surfing post :(

    I am pleased to see the return of these awesome polls Guap and I am sorry that I missed it, I won’t miss this one though :) Now what can I think of that a Cow might say? No not that one, I mean the udder :) lol

    It is really great to see you blogging again my great friend :)


  36. Haha, John Phillips and paying next Tuesday for a hamburger today. :-)

    “It brings back too many memories of a thankfully gone era.” No kidding! I was homeless and crashed at my brother’s place in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve come a long way, Baby.

    Jefferson – Airplane – Starship – I can’t leave here without listening to “Miracles.” Thanks for another fun romp, Guap!

  37. Thank you for not subjecting me to Starship today :)

  38. Omg, as if I needed something ELSE to look forward to on Fridays. This was great! Your comments to the poll responses are absolutely hilarious, and I can’t wait to check out those links you posted. But for now, my body needs sleep!

  39. I wasn’t aware you were a Muppets fan… perfecto!

  40. Ok, since it’s about foolishness again, how do you pronounce Dana’s last name? haha <3

  41. Hahaha so glad the foolishness is back – you see i voted? I meant to add to but I totally forgot what it was ..dammit. ok well I am putting foolishness back on my calendar with a reminder notification 10 mins before …again lol.. Yay! Have a great weekend and ..hi to TMWGITU :-)

  42. Welcome back, foolishness! And thank you for pulling the Cato Kaelin reference out of mothballs and trotting it back out. I missed it.

  43. Dude, I don’t totally know what is going on in here, but I laughed and was surprised, and those are two things I love. I voted on the poll, and went for the obvious pun, because puns are awesome. Plus you have great friends.

    Also, I have to echo Samara’s comment above. 2014 is definitely the Year of the Douchecanoe.

    Never mess with a douchecanoe.

  44. I had one yellow Muppet when I was a child…where it goes?

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