Where I’ve Been – Overview

Today’s Music: Huey Lewis and the News – Working For A Living

I’ve asked where I’m going. There were some interesting observations and questions, comments about being glad to see what got me to the point I’m at now. Here’s more detail on that…

Hello, Hiring Guy,
I’m looking for a job. I have one right now, but I’ve improved this place as much as I can and I’m looking for new challenges. I would be a great hire because I’m really smart and will make you look good…until I’ve made all the improvements to your company that I can and then move on…like the Lone Ranger… into the sunset (room at the Hilton).

So here’s the list of stuff I’ve done. For money. Or booze.
Stuff with an * weren’t really “formal” jobs, but I got money. Or booze.
And at the bottom, I even threw in 2 that got away. Guess which one I wish I’d taken.

My Resume (and other stuff I’ve been paid to do)

Hey, all you parents out there, remember when you got paid to watch kids?

*Sang for some older folks for quarters for video games

High School General Store
Hey, it kept me out of the cafeteria.

Gas Jerk
Like a soda jerk, but I pulled the gas pump handles. Actually, it’s the boss who was a jerk. Dare I say Bozo?
And the smell does Not. Come. Out.

*Bar Back
This wasn’t a formal hire.
But as I was always broke, my friends (the bartenders) let me drink free in exchange for bringing up a few cases of beer at the end of the night

*Stuck a pickle in my nose for 3 minutes
It covered my breakfast tab. Don’t judge me.

Movie Theater Usher/Concessions
Eating that much popcorn isn’t good for anyone. But it really tastes good. And I got to see movies as often as I wanted!

King Kong
Coolest. Job. Ever.

Pouring Concrete
Best. Job. Ever.

*Poker on a road trip.
Paid for my food for the trip

Deli Man in a Supermarket
There are some odd meats at the deli counter. And the people that order them look like the people that would order them.

All the food you can eat…

Line Cook
…Until you find out what’s in it…

Restaurant Manager
…and learn that waiters (including me) suck…

Restaurant Project Manager
…and then you get to build a restaurant

Cook in a private club
Chef used to say that we cooked for the people who ran the world.
This is the only job I’ve ever had where I was so far out of my league, I felt bad about it.

NOC Engineer
The boredom was spectacular…

Professional Services Engineer
…until I changed departments

IT Administrator
I work on ‘puters…

The ones that got away:

General Manager
Of a start up “Boston Chicken” type operation in Westchester.
I’m telling you now, I was too young, and I was too inexperienced
But I’d have done a hell of a job.

Attendant at a MiniGolf/Arcade/Sailing lake in Montauk.
The one that got away.
This is a great story (I think) and will be it’s own post as I work my way through them.

Lotto Millionaire (????)

So I’ll start next week.
Oh, and I’ll need Tuesday off.
And a raise.

El Guapo

21 responses to “Where I’ve Been – Overview

  1. You forgot “gigalo”.


  2. Gigolo. Juggalo, whatever, sheesh, okay.


  3. Hi,
    You and I seem to be after the same thing “Lotto Millionaire”, now I would certainly be happy with that, and I could help a few people out as well. 🙂

    You have certainly tried a lot of different jobs, and some you seem to have enjoyed, one day you will find the ideal job that is right for you, I’m sure. But now you can say you are Multi Skilled on your Resume. 😀


  4. I must say, you are the most qualified I’ve ever seen for any job/career. You’re hired, … even if you immediately leave after winning the Lottery.


  5. 1. What would the Lone Ranger be doing at the Hilton? He seems more like a Howard Johnson guy.
    2. What kind of pickles? How many? Was it good pay? Is that considered a move up from eggs or is that a lateral move? Is it the same skillset? Do you really include that experience on your resume or just share the anecdote during the interview?
    3. I’d have guessed that being Kong Kong would be the Warmest. Job. Ever.
    4. More details, please, on the greatness of pouring concrete. From what I was watching on the job the othe day, seems like plumbing installation would be the best. They break up the street/sidewalk. And these particularly skilled guys cut cable tv and phone lines. That’s pretty cool (in someone else’s neighborhood).


  6. This was a great post, and it goes along nicely with your earlier “Where I’m going” ones.

    Some interesting jobs in your past, for sure. Makes me think about stuff I’ve done for money, but I can’t top your list.


  7. yes! i wish we could really write that – ‘i’ve improved this place as much as i can’


  8. wowwww, I thought I had a lot of jobs – well I know I have cause I get lots of comments on it during my job search.; I think it makes me well rounded – they think it is lack of commitment. Hoory Bunk. I worked at a movie theater too, best job as a teenager, and I designed in ground swimming pools too so if I remembered where they were I could see something I helped build…I don’t judge but really why the pickle? There is a song about pickles and motorcycles – old one….ring a bell? I say you are well rounded and qualified for anything …and great post ..there was one more thing but I forgot.
    Peace 🙂


    • “I don’t want a pickle. I just want to ride on my motorsickle.
      I don’t want to die, I just want to ride on my motorcy………..cle”
      Great tune, lizziecracked.

      Since I posted this, I’ve remembered at least another 3 jobs I forgot to put in.
      The reason for the pickle is a bunch of drunk guys in a diner at 6 am metaphorically waving their dicks. Someone said it couldn;t be done. I said it could.
      Money landed on the table, and the pickle went in my nose.
      Not an uncommon story…at least for me…


  9. Well I’ll be damned or whatever! I’ll be cracked too…oh I am. I sing that all the time to my kids or anybody really. Just that part too lol….real emphasis on the cy……cle… Woowww You know the motocycle pickle song…and put pickles up your nose for money lol…Coolness. 🙂


  10. I think where I messed up was not being a part of the guys that cooked, or noticed what they were cooking with.


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