More about The Most Wonderful Girl In The Universe (because some is just not enough…)

Today’s Music: Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World
Days Til Spring: 34

(This is continued from yesterday’s post)

When it came time to plan our wedding, we both had exactly the same ideas:
- It should be small, so we could enjoy the time with our guests
- It should cost less then the downpayment on a good house
- It should be…unique.

We checked out a
Farm Museum. They include a hayride!
Central Park Carousel. Beautiful, but small, and for a place with fake horses, it smelled a lot like real horses.
Top of the Rock (Rooftop observation deck of Rockefeller Center). Great view, but what would it cost?

It turns out that renting Top of the Rock is $25k. Before food,band, or anything really. Just for the space.
And not even the good space. It’s for an enclosed terrace with a very limited view.
The manager must have seen our crestfallen expression and taken pity on us.
“Of course, if you wanted to”, she went on, “you could just by tickets for the observatory for you party and just show up. the only condition would be” – we held our breath – “you couldn’t block off the space from other visitors,
and you couldn’t bring a professional photographer”.
We looked at each other. No professional and random strangers wandering through our wedding?

The view from the wedding altar

Once we started, the staff couldn’t have been nicer. They did gave us some space on one end of the platform and thanked us at the end for picking their place to have our wedding.
The minister, on the other hand, had no idea what to do with us.
She was a non-denominational minister. Since my girl and I are of different faiths (and neither devout), we chose someone who could bring spirituality to the ceremony without dogma.
Poor woman.
She was hesitant to say “Mawwiage”, but all our friends caught the reference.
At one point during the ceremony, when my girl leaned over to kiss me, she told us (jokingly) to knock it off.
My girl’s response: “Have you met us?”
But she took it in stride when I stuck my tongue out at my girl (when she was telling the story of how my girl turned me down for the Harry Connick Jr date). Because she totally deserved it.
We got married on a Thursday. I took the day off and went in Friday.
Several of my wife’s co-workers took a long lunch and crashed the wedding. Her boss forced her to take Friday off too.

And I'm never letting go.

That was four years ago, eleven since we first started dating. Here are some snippets from our life together…
- Every night ends with the following (both of us say each line)
“Good night (pretty/handsome) (nickname)”
“Happy Valen-(nickname) -day”
“I love you”
I don’t think we’ve skipped more than a small handful of nights.
- I will poke her constantly. She retaliates by scratching my palms. Because that freaks me out.
- I will, when opportunity present itself, lick her nose. She will get back at me by slobbering my entire face.
- She keeps a spray bottle filled with water to squirt me with if I tickle her.
- I can count the number of yelling arguments we’ve had over the years on both hands. Without taking my mittens off.
- If she tells me seriously that I’m being a jackass, I will (after I shake off the frustration) think about and change what I’m doing.
- She has her own custom made action figure, commissioned by a friend.
- When my bungee jumping plans fell through, she found a place in Portland that was reliable.
- She knows how to tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue. I carried it in my wallet for years.
- She is the only person who has ever been able to get me to take care of my diabetes.
- I have gone to flower shows because she wanted to see them. (To be honest, she was right – they’re pretty cool).
- She is incredibly well read in history, fantasy and science fiction.
- I will never forgive her for referring to Hemmingway’s The Old Man And The Sea as “A Boy And His Fish”.
- She can quote Douglas Adams with the best of them.
- I love her so much that I have taken her to see both Depeche Mode and Pink live. And before you say “So?”, the Ting Tings opened for Pink. I would rather have gotten ringworm.
- Her only bridezilla moment was insisting we get married on our anniversary.
- My family likes her better than me.
- When separated in a large store, I will yell out “WIFE!” and listen for the answering “Husband!” (Because she has decorum and doesn’t bellow in public like I do.)
- She is queen of saying “Yes dear”.
- And sticking her tongue out at me. (He deserves it – TMWGITU)
- Sometimes, when she reads over my shoulder as I write these posts, she twists my ponytail into a knot. (Like now!)
- She bakes incredible scones. And turned me on to clotted cream.
- Starting a life with her is the smartest thing I ever did.
- Her choosing me is the best thing that ever happened to me
- If you were wondering, yes. The first year we were together, she took me to see Harry Connick Jr. Because she is that cool.

That’s about all I’m going to say. Because it’s been about 45 minutes of me playing on my machine, and I really want to go tell her I love her.
Bet I’ll get a kiss!

Happy Valentine’s Day, all. Have a great day no matter what you do, and every day after too.

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95 responses to “More about The Most Wonderful Girl In The Universe (because some is just not enough…)

  1. Awww…Guapo, that made me giggle, smile and laugh. It sounds like you two are a perfect match. Thanks for sharing.

    • The giggling smiling and laughing cannot be undervalued, whiteladyinthehood. Thank you!

    • This warms my heart. What a great love story, it feels like a movie.
      Thanks for sharing that, I enjoyed it thoroughly. Tell your wife, I think she’s a lucky girl next time she scratches your palms!

  2. This caused all my cynicism to disperse. I won’t thank you as I needed that to write blogs. ;-) Great post.

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day Mr. and Mrs. Guap! Have a great day!

  4. Lovely! You give love a good name!

  5. Guapo & Lady Guapo, happy Valentine’s day! What a wonderful post.

  6. Alright – two days in a row of the adventures of mooshy and gooshy. Are you returning to normal tomorrow? (I couldn’t resist)

    Sure seems your lives are in sync … which is a wonderful accomplishment. Best wishes to both of you on this Valentine’s Day!

    • Don’t worry, Frank, I think it;s out of my system for now.
      El Guapo will return Friday with a new poll…if he manages to think of one…

      And to you and yours, the happiest of days, today and evermore.

  7. Wow! What a lovely post!

  8. Awwwwwe! : )
    Just as sweet as Part 1, and worth waiting for. Well done! You’re a very lucky man…..never freaking forget that!

    MWAAAH! And Happy Valentine’s Day to you both!

  9. Stop Man – you are making me feel my efforts for Madame Fightback paltry and inane. But Pink? seriously……..

  10. I’m romantic too! I got my wife a card. I think it was red. Red ones are good, right?

  11. Guap, you are one great guy for writing up a post dedicated to your girl :) There’s something special about 2 people who can read each other like you 2 can! Happy Valentine’s Day.

  12. Well that’s just GREAT- now I think I’m in love with your wife too.
    (Heavy Sigh)
    Happy Guapatine’s Day to you BOTH, but more to HER.

  13. Aw I have loved reading both of these posts! You guys sound like a great match! True love!
    I’ve been to the Top of the Rock! Much more fun than the Empire State Building.

  14. What a wonderful song!!!! And great post :D
    Have a nice day,

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  16. Wonderul! And I would expect no less from you, El Guapo, and Mrs. El Guapo too!

  17. Lovely, tender, and wonderful. You sound like a great couple, who’d be fun to have drinks with. Thanks for sharing a peek inside your life.

  18. P.S. Thanks for sharing Llamas with Hats at my post. Tooo. Toooo Funny.

  19. Hi,
    Well worth waiting for part 2, very nicely written.
    I love were you decided to get Married, something a bit different, and what a gorgeous view. The song you chose was perfect, I hadn’t heard it in a long time, and I have never seen it on video before, so I really enjoyed that as well.
    Happy Valentines Day to both of you. :D

  20. If I put on here the overwhelm of flooding emotional goo that I got going on right now…hang on I cant see….people would think i am crazy – wait a sec .. don’t make fun of me …
    That was the most beautiful amazing tribute to love I have ever read.. NO that doesn’t mean I am a cranky old shut in and don’t read much – That my friend was beyond words – it is music. That is Princess Bride kinda forever and ever love as it was meant to be. It was simple, sweet and overflowing with your love for your wife. I am not embarrassed to say it beings tears to my eyes, hell I bawled like a baby -( because i have an emotional disorder and I can get away with it
    and some because I do know that kind of love and part of it is sadness – that it was taken from me not gonna lie but that’s only a tiny bit-) Not bad cry and I am gonna shut up now cause this is one of those words cant cover it….sighs aren’t enough….. I am a hopeless romantic anyways – beautiful, inspiring ~Sigh x110

    • Thank you so much, lizziec! I’m moved and honored by your words.
      And I think hopeless romantics should run the world.
      (For one thing, we’d probably only work half days on Fridays then!)

  21. This was lovely, and through my tears have fond memories of my first wedding. It also in New York and also over the top and gorgeous. We rented a yacht for the reception and circled Manhattan and the harbor. We lasted 10 years, and my beautiful daughter is the finest thing that came from this union.
    Brightest blessings to you and your beloved wife.
    I’ll be here in Reno, alone again. Naturally.
    Your story gives me a glimmer of hope, and many days this is the best gift of all.

    • Thank you, Rachael. That sounds like a great way to start a marriage, and having Demon Seed is a great reward for time spent.
      I’m glad we did it the way we wanted, because I don’t want to ever get married again Though at some point we’ll do something unexpected to renew our vows…

  22. This was all kinds of wonderful. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both!

  23. Awwwwwwww. *sniffle sniffle*

  24. Ask her what kind of towel she carries.

  25. 1- Thank God for that.
    2- You are mistaken.

  26. I like that there is a Part II about the most “wonderful girl in the universe” Us chicks like that, but I’m sure your wife loves it even more ;)

  27. Thanks, Guat.
    I rarely miss a chance to tell her how wonderful I think she is.

  28. That was a great story, Guap. You are a lucky couple. I hope you last forever. And I don’t see why you wouldn’t.

  29. Another beautifully done post. You guys are pretty lucky. Have one thought that came up while i was reading this. Isn’t it dangerous to have a bungee jump fall through?

  30. You guys are adorable. Disgustingly adorable. A few key points I took away from this one:

    (1) I knew you had a ponytail. I don’t know how I did, but it’s been my mental image from day one. And I mean day one. I think you were my first reader. And we’ve added at least a dozen since then. Thanks for sticking with.

    (2) I love that Harry Connick, Jr. figured so prominently in your relationship. My husband and I both love him and used some of his music at our own wedding. And actually, being from New Orleans, I met Harry several times back in the day as we went to school five minutes away from each other and he’s only two years older than me. Yeah, don’t ever ask if remembers me. He won’t. :)

    (3) I want to come to your vow renewal ceremony. Totally serious. :)

  31. Wow, what a fantastic venue! Unbeatable view from the altar. And I love how you just had one day off and were back in work next day! Happy Valentine’s Day to you both!

  32. You are both lucky to have found each other. Some people search their entire lives, only to have passed right by each other and not realize it. And you have a right to brag…”She can tie a knot in a cherry stem”!
    Congratulations to you both! Great post…
    Ya, I am a sucker for happy endings!

  33. This is beautiful. So happy for you and your other half. :) I can’t believe that I get to marry mine! :)

  34. You deserve that kiss. What a lovely, lovely post.

  35. How do you do this? You picked our wedding song (Louis Armstrong) for your post. You used The Princess Bride in your wedding (cool wedding, BTW), and you went to see Harry Connick, Jr. (love him!)

  36. tear tear.

    good job, eg(g).

  37. Congratss! :D You two are the perfect match! Beautiful post! So happy for you two!

  38. Keep sharing, my friend! If she doesn’t mind, that is!

  39. The action figure is the coolest detail I’ve heard in a while. Awesome!
    Also, Pink may have been a sacrifice, but DM–c’mon . . .

    • DM wasn’t too awful, Smaktakula.
      Though of the three, the Ting Tings were the worst. Occasionally, my girl will just sing a chorus deliberately and it will stick in my brain all flipping day.

  40. Excuse me, I had too much Sriracha with lunch ahGAIN today…

  41. What a beautiful view! And affordable, too – what a nice lady to give you that info.

  42. *Believes she is blissfully fortunate to have not been introduced to the Ting Tings* I absolutely hate that stuff in real life and would seriously question any group of people who named themselves after it.

    *Wanders back to her post which applies to the unknown band*

  43. stop it – you’re making me feel things!!!
    but i love that putting-the-ring-on-the-finger photo :)

  44. Now I’m getting to the juicy stuff! I adore a good love story, but I guess everybody else does too. This made me laugh: I will never forgive her for referring to Hemmingway’s The Old Man And The Sea as “A Boy And His Fish”. And this made me nostalgic: When separated in a large store, I will yell out “WIFE!” and listen for the answering “Husband!” (Because she has decorum and doesn’t bellow in public like I do.) My husband and I used to do that with me yelling, “Honeeey!”

    Glad you shared these wonderful moments with the world. :)

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