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Wave Hello. Now Wave Goodbye. Now Wave Hello Again

Today’s Music: John Mellencamp – Just Another Day

So around this time last year, my mother was getting ready for a heart procedure that would end, ultimately, in her passing.
It was a difficult stretch of time, as readers that were here at the time might recall. I put up a few posts about her condition, and a few about mine at the time.
Before that, my father-in-law went through open heart surgery. It took him a while to get through that, and then through rehab, and finally back on his feet.
During both incidents, I and my wife (The Most Wonderful Girl In The Universe) visited both parents constantly. In the months this was going on, we missed maybe 12 days. (7 of those were spent in Portland, a trip which my family said we should take since it had been booked before hand. And we needed the break.)

When December 31 2012 rolled around, I couldn’t have been happier to see the rear end of that year.

So here we are in 2013. TMWGITU and I go just about daily to visit my father-in-law in rehab, this time due to a clot that lodged in his leg, cutting off all circulation to his lower leg for a few hours.
The hospital responded well, and within hours of his admittance, they were performing surgery and successfully cleared the clot.
One of the side effects of the procedure is an incision that was made in his leg to drain any swelling. That incision cut muscle which is what needs to be rehabbed.

So as I said, our summer so far is once again trips to visit in rehab. And cleaning. but that’s a different rant.
(We have to clean his apartment so that he’ll be able to navigate with a cane/walker/whatever.)

It’s funny how everything old is new again…

So, another week goes, another week comes. This part of the story will have a happy ending soon enough.

But if this keeps up, I’m just going to disconnect the phone and have them hold my mail next summer.

I'll have nine please.

I’ll have nine please.