Daily Archives: 9 December, 2011

Friday Foolishness – Wet Edition

Today’s Music: John Hiatt – Feels Like Rain

Another busy week in Guapoville. I…and then I….Well, I also….
Okay, maybe not so busy.
But I have been playing Rocksmith on the PS3. Didn’t realize I Can’t Get No Satisfaction had just 3 notes.

So in old business, here are the results from last weeks poll.
The Other answers were (italics are mine)
– i am not taking clothes and i am staying naked all week
(I want to travel with you!)
– … will be just as cold and miserable as this place, I’m afraid.
(Fire your travel agent. Now.)
– Will be colorado. Tickets, skis, equipment are already packed!
(Green with envy I am.)
– Won’t be the mall on a weekend!
(excellent plan. But will we be able to stick to it?)
And the winners, with a tie, are
Will be to your world to see what color the sky is
Sometimes you people scare me.

And now, on to today’s poll…

***UPDATE – Someone added “a duet” as an Other response.
This has been added as a choice, and I’m sorry I didn’t think of it.

And to hold you over until next week’s Friday Foolishness, I give you the classic singing while wet song…