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Friday Foolishness – Undead Edition

Today’s Music: The Nearly Dead – Never Look Back

A quick note – June means Mental Health Awareness Month is over. But please, keep them in mind. They’re just people. the only difference is, they have a name for their problems.

FRIDAY!!!! You know what that means, Ladles and Gentlemints: Bring on the Foolishness!
Don’t worry, we will. But before we do that, I’d like to acknowledge those of you who made it possible for me to get here. One of the big themes this week was Memorial Day, which Smaktakula exemplified with his reminisces of his personal links to the armed forces.
In other posts, Sights N Bytes presented a truly unique bucket list. And Kayjais family is starting their summer by embracing their relationship with critters.
Ah, summertime…With all you great bloggers out there, I know my summer reading will be enlightening, entertaining, and pretty damn good!

But we’ve been preparing for summer too, here in the Asylum Labs(TM)! We are working on the perfect summer drink! And you guys had some great ideas that I hope I get to see the finished product of.
And some I hope never see the light of day. Because that’s how mind blowingly spectacular you people are!
So here are your answers to last weeks poll, What Should The Next Flavor Of Coca Cola Be? (As always, I am bubbly and effervescent in italics):

Cupcake – Thoughtsy
(For those of you who know and love Thoughtsy, she meant, and I quote, “Pop-Tart-flavored Cupcakes” or “Cupcake-Flavored Pop-Tarts.”. Though I don’t think she cares. As long as it’s pop-tart flavored. Because, c’mon. Pop-Tarts!)
Dont want it in a can tho, I want it in an environmentally friendly baggie thing
(Wouldn’t a hemp bag leak? Oh! I Know! We can seal it with patchouli oil!)
The legs of a madagascar cockroach. Starla
(I find the heads to be more succulent…)
the original flavor 0f cocaine. isn’t that what made it the “real thing?”
(Cocaine is flavorless. I mean, so I’ve been told…)
anything but that pasty taste you get in your mouth after a weekend of drinking
(Um, I’m pretty sure that taste is vomit…)
Lime. In a Corona, in seltzer, or chewed off the rind til your mouth squirts.
(Got it – squirty mouth flavored Coke.)
fresh cut grass and lemonade
(Would you consider fresh hemp and patchouli oil?)
hamburger with a side of fries (from Madame Weebles)
(But how will you stop the grease from floating to the top of the drink?)
the beach – like Kramer’s cologne
(Hold on,something clever will come to me…)
the beach – like Kramer’s cologne (2nd try by Spacey Stacey)
(Got it! Did you ever WONder, why, at the beach…)
Rum-Ola(Free Penny Press)
(Excellent, FPP! Research proves that Rum makes the taste of Coke bearable!)
Mai Tai (Quirky)
(A free umbrella with every can!)
Mojito (and all variations on the original) Quirky
(Aren’t you not supposed to mix liquors like that?)
Beer. Quirky
(I admire you’re focus here!)
Booze! (I get that I have a problem.) Quirky
(You see problem, I see opportunity!)
Tooth enamel (Elyse at 54.5)
(Can we combine it with flavored flouride?)
free – Hobbler
(YEAH! Though right now it tastes like they should be paying us.)
Cherry Batpoop LindaV
(Why on earth would you want to mask the winsome flavorfulness of batpoop, Linda?)
Tony Montana’s Private Reserve
(Can’t – the rights are owned by his little friend.)
Coffee with just a hint of cinnamon.
(The carbonation would make it go in your nose. All bloggers know coffee is supposed to come out your nose!)
Too easy, Halle Berry! Stay Abnormal
(Doesn’t she already have a deal with Pepsi?)
Thanksgiving dinner. –Lily
(Nono, thanksgiving dinner is for milkshakes.)
Coca Guapo … Coca Guapola (Frank)
(I’m already available in six packs, Frank. But only in Madagascar. Guess what it tastes like!)
Gravy. Cold carbonated gravy. Joe Hoover
(WE HAVE A WINNER!!! And I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.)
Rum John Phillips
(Just rum, no coke? You haven’t been hanging out in enough college bars, John.)
Rum & coke with a twist of lime and from a slushy machine. sandylikeabeach
(John, meet Sandy. Sandy, this is John.)
simply better than teaching the world to sing KJ
(Definitely KJ. Because warm fuzzies taste horrible!)

Congratulations to Joe Hoover for this weeks win! And for giving me culinary nightmares.
From the offered choices, the most popular one was All of the above. In one can.. Like I said, y’all are mind blowingly spectacular. In the best possible way!
(By the way, I’m sending you a blank backdated form for last week, Ginger Fight Back, for further proof that you’re a winner!

Well, out with the old, in with the rotted. Just say BRRRRAAAIINNNSSSS anywhere. In a mall, at school or work, in your house of worship. Everyone will know what you mean. And shuffle away, pretending they don’t know you.
But surely we underestimate our flesh-craving-fiends-friends. Surely they can say more than that.
So this week, we ask, What else should Zombies say to herald their decrepit and devoursome appearance when they show up on the scene? Vote often, and if you vote other, leave a sign of who you are, and I’ll link back to you next week.
But do it before 2359 EST on 7 June, because that’s when this poll closes.

And while you ponder how you’d like to be prepared by the undead among us (in truffle oil? with fava beans and a nice chianti?), I leave you with these. I’ll be going sailing, during which time I expect to capsize a small boat.

It would be nice if it looks like this:

But it will probably look like this…

Either way, it will be fun.
Hope y’all have a great weekend, and a great week to follow!