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Friday Foolishness – Happily Ever Hereafter Edition

Today’s Music: Marshall Crenshaw – Someday Someway

ZOIKS! I didn’t know it was possible to be this tired and tense, but still be functional. And yet I am.
And since I was still functional this week, I got to read some great posts! Kid Free Living told a hilarious bungee cord story that had me rolling, both in laughter and sympathy pain. NBI’s creative writing keeps getting better.
And Ginger Snaap graced us all with another excellent poem.
Finally, Claire nominated me for a Sunshine Award! Why? No clue. But I do know she has one of the coolest sites in the sphere. So you should really check her out.
Thanks to them and all of you. Though I’ve only been able to spend a little bit of time in the sphere lately, it’s definitely been quality time.

But last week, we engaged (as we do every Friday) in a light-hearted waste of time. That’s right there was a poll. And with poll questions come answers.
We asked What you do to stay cool. And here’s what you said. (As always, my comments are chillin’ in italics.)

To stay cool, I don’t talk to priests or politicians.
(Have you thought about taking them on a balloon ride? It’s cool up there, and a great use of all the hot air!)
(Coolest spot on the web!)
Stand over the AC vent whilst wearing a skirt, duh! Snaapily Gingerlicious
(You’ll be cool. The rest of us will feel our temperatures slowly rise…)
dress like The Fonz and go around fixing things with my fist (WordsAndOtherThings)
(You’d seem cool, but I can’t see a leather jacket being comfy summer wear…)
yup – that’s it – Im moving to Iceland buddhakat
(Why is there no “CoolandComfyLand”?)
or maybe AK?!?!? buddhakat
(I’m guessing you’ve never heard of Alaska’s summer fighter jet mosquito problem?)
stay nekked. Lilly
(Stay??? You were nekked all year???)
hibernate. Lilly
(I always thought that was a winter sport.)
Make Bear sleep on the other side of the house. Red.
(That’ll make you physically cooler, but won’t tempers get a bit hot?)
stay in my very own country. Just yesterday, my feet were ice cold. Cool. NBI
just keep being me, babe. And I remember to wear shades, even indoors.
(I’m torn between a Risky Business or a Saved By The Bell reference…)
Play hockey, the coolest sport on ice. John Phillips
(Sure, until the ice melts…)
Do nothing. I can’t possibly be cooler than this. – Hotspur
(Never thought you’d give up without even trying…)
Visit my vacation home on Hoth. Carrie Cannibalistic Nerd
(Nothing like kicking back with a juicy Tauntaun burger and a delicious drink from the cantina!)
head for the Fortress of Solitude and enjoy the cold icy air
(Waitaminute -Clark told me I had the only key!)
I spritz myself with a light coating of liquid methane. Linda V
(Switching to nitrogen would be a cracking idea! (see what I did there?))
rent out a meat locker and live there for the summer (Madame Weebles)
(Steaksicles for dessert. Yum!)
try (but fail) to emulate El Guapo Stay Abnormal
(Trust me Rich, you are so far past me on the cool scale, it’s embarrassing.)
attend an orgy full of Eskimos. – calahan
(I think that’s gonna melt the igloo…)
bite into a York Peppermint Patty. –BrainTomahawk
Hang out with Bohemian poets, Daddy-O KJ
(Creful – the Patchouli oil smells even stronger when it’s heated!)
More limoncello please. (Frank)
(Is limoncello normally served over ice?)

Congratulations, BrainTomahawk! Never let it be said that the classics go out of style!
And from the offered choices, the most popular was at tie! The two most voted were would do things for a Klondike Bar. You know. Things… and why would I want to be cool when I’m smoking hot?
So congratulations to all you…odd folk too!

Which brings us to this weeks poll. Which almost didn’t happen.
I’ve been a bit overextended the last few weeks. With little hope of it lightening up in the near future. Makes me wonder if I’m not running myself into the ground. And what will happen after that.
So I’m asking you, fellow Guapolians. What happens when it all ends, when the final curtain is drawn and the next thing happens. What then?
You tell me. But tell me before 2359 EST on 26 July, because that’s when this one ends.
And if you leave a way to identify you in an “other” answer, I’ll link back to you next week.

And to entertain you until we come back around, enjoy these.
Continuing with the random theme of “Oh, this person was funny!”, here’s Rodney Dangerfield

and Sam Kinison on marriage. There’s a bit of cursing here. And yes, TMWGITU had no problem with me using this clip.
So there.

Have a great week everyone. See you on the…oThEr SiDe… oooweeeoooo