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Trifextra – The Great Garbanzo Bean Incident

Today’s Music: Atlas Genius – Trojans

In yesterday’s post, I made reference to my refusal to do group hugs after The Great Garbanzo Bean Incident, saying I would speak no more of it.
Well, a clamor went up. Ok, it wasn’t a clamor, more like a cry. Ok, it wasn’t a cry either.
But one person did reference it in their comment on that post.
How can I refuse such an overwhelming plea for the story?

And then the admirably bent folk at Trifecta provided the final impetus with this weeks challenge, to provide (in 33 words) the opening sentence of your novel.

So, without further ado, I present the first sentence from my nonthcoming novel “The Great Garbanzo Bean Incident”

Oh the condimentanity!

For what would be the last time ever, we all joined in a group hug, filled with tears and pain, horror and screams, and hummus – and the husks of the beaten garbanzo beans.