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Friday Foolishness – Dapper Edition

Today’s Music: Vintage Trouble – Blues Hand Me Down

In this spot, each week, I post a few links of some of what I’ve read this last week. Yesterday was my birthday. And some of the coolest people I know came out to
wish me a happy one! And boy, did they ever help to make it even happier! The great songs, the hilarious videos, and all of the warm wishes , helped to make it one of my coolest birthdays EVER!!!I can’t tell you how lucky I am to get to hang out with such a fantastic, deranged, witty, clever outgoing, (did I mention deranged?) bunch of people. Every week, you remind me of how lucky I am to get to hang out here. And in closing (and I’m rambling now because I still have some links to embed), I would just like to say THANK YOU ALL for your time, and your company, and above all, for your friendship . It made this trip around the sun more fun than I ever could have imagined.
Crap. I’ve run out of stuff to say. Fortunately, I’m up to the last link.

So thank you, every single one of you, for making every day in your company a better day than the one before!
Ok, now that the sappy stuff is out of the way, let’s get on to the really important stuff – last weeks poll! My company was subsumed by a larger corporation, and we moved our offices into a drone farm. I already have 4 resumes for out there for decent positions, with a lot more to go on the weekend.
But the question was, what should I apply for?
And from your answers, every one of you could find work as a life coach. For someone. Maybe.
Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments are toiling away in italics.)

Co-host of Cooking and drinking show #SundayNightCookoff with BettyRants
(Great! Betty can handle the cooking. Hm…what does that leave fo- Ohhhhh…)
He should open up his own business so he can hire me! Emily @ The Waiting
(Any interest in being a sous-chef on a cooking show?)
CHEESE TASTER! I’m doubling your odds. That’s how great a friend I am.
(A great friend is better than a gouda one!)
Farmer of SHALLOTS!
(A wonderful suggestion! (It brings tears to my eyes!))
Salaried sleeper w/ bonus for donut tasting oral b’fast reviews, rvws optnl~– Red
(Can I nap on the side for OT?)
King of the pygmy island with all “10” waves ~ – Red
(On pygmy island, wouldn’t those be 10″ waves?)
Surruptitiously become Jot’s MY READER.
(But then I’d have to learn to read…)
small child sacrifice ~Miss R
(I thought that’s what I had to do to get a new job…)
Gynecologist – Edward Hotspur
(I don’t know…that could get hairy…)
Parachute/surfer in a hurricane photographer – Benzeknees
(Might be more fun to curl up in a hurricane glass…)
Courtier. Surely there’s gotta be a use for those nowadays!

(I could assault people with my…opinions. That could get me invited to court real fast!)
Well, if all else fails, I’m sure there’s a pole somewhere… (GiggsMcGill Jill)
(No no, I do polls. But I like where your head’s at!)
Corporate suck-up – Calahan
(Even easier, now that corporations are people!)
Write porn. It probably pays well and you’ll enjoy the research. WG
(Yeah, but how many different ways can you write “Unnnnngggghhhh”?)
surfing instructor for those of us who don’t have surfboards…or surf…
(Today’s lesson: How to program the remote control)
Human sushi platter. I’d eat a cali roll off your nipple any day- becca 25tofly
(Even if my nipple smelled like fish?)
In all seriousness, Motivational Speaker. ……quit laughing. 😉 ~flame
(Do it! Sit on that couch! DOOOO IIIITTTTTT?)
Professional medical/pharmaceutical test dummy. Quirky
(And I’ve already got the Dummy part covered!)
The Bungee Jumping Gourmet (Madame Weebles)
(Today’s lesson, how to toss a salad. Or toss your cookies…)
King Stay Abnormal
(Hey, just because some watery tart throws a sword at me… (Anyone? Anyone?))
Full time foolishness. Fridays are such fun with you!
(40 hours of work on a Friday?!?)
A talk show host for WTF – Who’s that Face? Identify celebs having bad days.
(Don’t Lindsay and the Kardashians get enough coverage already?)
Renaissance Man (Stacy Lyn)
(Only if I get to wear doublets while I’m at it.)
School crossing guard on I-75 in Atlanta at rush hour..zannyro
(But I’m not a fan of ki- I’ll take it!)
Lead fellow bloggers in adventure trips – sandylikeabeach
(It would have to be an urban adventure. Bloggers in the wild without internet? EEK!)
No question – Dare devil act tester (Frank)
(Do I grad on a curve for that, or a cliff?)
Make videos like Eric Idle’s (Elyse 54.5)
(We could start a Ministry of Silly Videos!)
Professional Babbler. The babbling Ginger
(But I don’t want to be a politician.)
Yellow Lederhosen model! GingerWishes
(According to TMWGITU, WE HAVE A WINNER!!!)
Ambassador for Beer Equality to all nations. KJ
(But then I’d have to say nice things about Lite beer too.)
professional midget hunter.. LizzieC🙂
(But if I go pro, I can’t compete in the Olympics!)

Congratulations to GingerSnaap for this weeks winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular was guide for cross-country roller blade tour.. Because y’all think I’m in muuuucch better shape than I really am.

Not the real El Guapo. (My fingers are much longer.) (Just sayin...)

Not the real El Guapo.
(My fingers are much longer.)
(Just sayin…)

One of the things that was repeated over and over again in the birthday posts yesterday was how I am both nice and handsome. I can’t imagine where you wonderful people get these ideas.
But the real question is how do I do it? And that’s this weeks poll. See if you can sort out how I maintain my handsome demeanor.
Answer often, answer creatively. But answer by 2359 EST on 13 December, because that’s when this one closes.
And if you write an other answer, leave a way to recognize you and I’ll link back next week.

And until next time, I leave you with a couple of bits of inanity bestowed upon me yesterday.
From Alex Autin, Space Unicorn!!!!

(Admit it, now you want a marshmallow laser!)

And from >GingerSnaap</

have a great week, y'all, and see you…out there…