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Friday Foolishness – Sportsmanlike Edition

Today’s Music: Erin McKeown – Blackbirds

Being sick sucks! Going to work sucks too. Geez Guap, is there anything that doesn’t suck? Well yeah, besides living with TMWGITU, reading blogs doesn’t suck! Here’s some of what I saw this week:
Momshieb asked what’s in a name. Old Dog New Tits, According To Mags and Lady or Not are all in the running for a Circle of Moms award! (Just find their names on the Circle of Moms page and vote for all of them!). And Susie Lindau revealed her heart in an unexpected way.
(*Update – UndercoverL is also in the running for Circle of Moms! http://www.circleofmoms.com/blogger/so-i-went-undercover?blogroll_id=89)
Great reads, as were all the posts I got to see this week!
But now, the roving eye of this blog turns back to last week. I was (still am a bit) sick. And as proof, I’ve got a stack of used tissues that would choke a pig.
(If pigs were inclined to chew on used tissues without pausing to swallow first and perhaps wash them down with a nice full bodied red.)
(What? Used tissues are a hearty meal!)
(I mean, or so I’ve heard…)
Anyway, the question was, what was in those tissues. Or more specifically, what the hell was coming out of my nose?!?
Based on your diagnoses, I was happy to learn that Toys R Us had restarted their mail order MD program. Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments are dripping in italics.)

No idea but your sleeve looks shiny 😦 Gray Dawster
(Oh that’s just my sparkling personality.)
(Ok,it isn’t really…)

Big Green Candles I Bet? 😦 Gray Dawster
(Wait – you mean this goop is flammable?!?)
Bone fragments from banging your head on your desk (polysyllabicprofundities )
(That’s formica. It was a cheap desk.)
It wa…s…not very nice 😦 Gray Dawster
(I think you…blew…that joke. BWAHAHAHAHA!)
My fingers?
(Hey, if you have to ask…)
Unbaptized Catholic children. damned Uncle Priest! ~Miss R
(Actually, if they were in my nose, they were baptised. Very, very baptised.)
The Green Party… Gray Dawster
(Mucus as political commentary? Eh, why not…)
Sprouty Smelly Farts 😦 Gray Dawster
(No, those make my eyes run.)
Spaghetti on Rye I think? Gray Dawster
(Wouldn’t all that starch make it dryer?)
Taylor Swift’s new single
(That’s being dispensed about four feet down and behind me…)
Brain- melted from all the poll answers ~ (Feel better. That is an order…hold the sauce.) Red.
(Holding the sauce with both hands! And now tipping it to my lips…)
Just plain awesomeness,,your overbrimming with it!
(Being so awesome never felt so crappy! No wait, that’s not right…)
“A strange, new life form, and a new civilisation.” (Star Trek)
(So I’m guessing cough syrup violates the prime directive?)
“Concentrated evil”, according to “Family Guy”. (John E.)
(I’d rather have “diffuse apathy”…)
Your last shreds of dignity. (John E.)
(You thought I had dignity? We’ve never met, have we…)
The same that’s left when you put snails and leech on a bag and put salt on them – Doggy’s Style
(A French restaurant?)
Peggy Fleming-lindavernon
(Only if she’s dancing the phlegmenco…)
My lungs! Lorre ((Articles of Absurdity) (Dose of Justice))
(What the hell are your lungs doing in my nose?!? Again?!?)
Braided hair. – Lily In Canada
(No no, the nose dreadlocks are what keep things in!)
Leprechans. Little green men. Elyse 54.5
(This is not the gold they’re looking for…)
Pretty sure its your soul.
(I thought my soul was that stuff that comes out of my ears?)
The second-best part of you…? Full Metal Jacket anyone? (UndercoverL)
(If you think I have less-than-the-best parts, you need to stop talking to my exes!)
Brown? ha ha – Hotspur
(Oh Mr. Hotspur, that’s easily your funniest answer ever! Oh, Such wit sir! My goodness, I can’t stop laughing!!!)
your sins x, Becca
(Big as it is, no way my nose is big enough to pass those out!)
The Magic School Bus x, Becca
(Well, schools buses are hotbeds of infection incuba- I mean…kids…)
Tiny aliens. x, Becca
(I know this calls for nose jokes, but I can’t resist Uranus…)
Gobs of pure genius! benzeknees
(So that’s where all my talent went…)
Did that stuff in your nose have little feet? Facts=diagnosis..zannyro
(No, definitely not little…)
I think shit is running out of my nose, but I might have just blown my ass…PMAO
(Then those probably weren’t your ears you were popping…)
Acid. Most definitely acid. – The Bumble Files
(No – the doctor says that burning sensation is something else…)
nutella (SnB)
(Even tastier than it looks in the commercials!)
those pictures you took of your butt on the copier at work! (words&otherthings)
(Funny story, they had to replace the glass after. Ok, maybe not funny. Or painless…)
Satan. –KBar3 – MMR
(This is a general sickness. Everyone knows the devil is in the details…)
Nyquil. You should read my blog and drink at the same time. Too much funny.
(I read. I laughed. Now there’s snot all over my monitor.)
Nothing that nasal flossing with spaghetti can’t cure (Frank)
Pixie Stick Sugar- you’re supposed to inhale them, not exhale! GingerPixieSnaap
(If I let her, TMWGITU would have picked this as the winner. (She refuses to admit she has a pixie stick problem.))
Hopefully beer,from laughing too hard. GingerWishes
(I’m glad it’s not – I’d be morally obligated to drink what spilled!)
Raisins. You were testing out Emily’s theory- wrong end, Guap! SnaapyAnswer!
(There is no right end for raisins!!! Bleagh.)
Snacks! (Rutabaga – the person not what came out of your nose)
(I’m pretty sure I’ve sneezed up at least a person so far…)
A rubber hose! Remember? Welcome Back Kotter? No? Nevermind. Grippy
(What if it’s the latest dance moves instead?)

The by-product of raisins. –Emily @ The Waiting
(I don’t want to know how raisins got in me in the first place…)
Captain Tripps (Addie)
(Why doesn’t Stephen King have an awful novel I can mock?!?)
A Petrie dish delight. Just blow w/ Clorox Wipes and you should be set.-Mel
(I prefer afternoon delights…)

Congratulations to Frank for this week’s winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular was BRRRAAAAIIIINNNNSSSSS!!!!!!!! (It fits!). So if that’s true, it’s probably the reason if the quality of these polls gets even lower…
After spending way too much time trying to think up a poll this week (my coworkers all thought the glazed look on my face was from working too hard!), I realized that sunday is the Super Bowl! A ready made topic for a lazy guy like me!
I’m hoping to possibly go skiing. But the important question is what will you be doing? That’s the poll folks. So answer as often as you like (before or after the game), but answer before 7 Feb, 2013 at 1159 EST, because that’s when this one closes.

And until next week, I leave you with these.
This first one I’m shamelessly stealing from Lady or Not.

And this is one of the first ads for Glenn Beck’s new amusement park, Libertypendence Park!

That’s all I’ve got. Hope you all have a great week, and I’ll see y’all out there!