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Friday Foolishness – Rechargeable Edition

Today’s Music: Spacehog – Remains

Another week in the books. I for one, am glad to have made it to the end, so I can unleash my full laziness on the weekend. But what I wasn’t lazy about was reading blogs. Here’s some of what I saw…
Ristinw put up some great photos of the Great Wall of China that I really enjoyed. Silly G had some interesting thoughts on International Womens Day, and Lizzie C commented on the attitudes of others while announcing the birth of her grandaughter!
Thanks to them, and all of you for the great posts this week.

The smoke is from the barbecue after they pick a Pope!

And of course, this past week saw a poll. Not on the Pope, but on his hometown, Rome. We asked what you would do When In Rome. And wow, y’all would make some unique tour guides! Here’s what you said. (As always, my comments burn eternally in italics.)
ask for soemone to lend you their ears. DJMatticus
(I believe La Cosa Nostra keeps a bag of them on hand for just that purpose…)
head to Vatican City and elect El Guapo as Pope! (polysyllabicprofundities)
(Sheesh, post a picture wearing one silly hat and you never live it down…)
Wear sandals and eat lots of ice cream 🙂 Andro
(I think socks with sandals is a biblical offense.)
Demonstrate spaghetti nasal floss while standing on Trevi Fountain (Frank)
Hold a private conclave in a tent in a crowded plaza. Me 4 pope. (UndercoverL)
(You’ll start a panic when you release smoke through the flaps…)
Buy beautiful Italian shoes. MyBeautifulThings 🙂
(In Italy, wouldn’t they just be called “shoes”?)
Gelato on the Spanish Steps, baby! (Delicious)
(Wouldn’t it be tastier on a cone?)
I would do as the Romans do and stomp grapes Lucy style. ~Maddie
(A good sommelier can tell what brand of shoes you were wearing before you started.)
Being elected the first female pope, natch. Duh! (Elyse 54.5)
(It’s Italy. I don’t think the elections count unless they’re fixed.)
…Bob Dylan said, “I can’t help it if I’m lucky.” Bill
(Yeah, but no one could understand him.)
watch what you say with your hands
(No, I was blessing you! It was a bleessing!!!)
Ring the doorbell of the Vatican and then run — lindavernon
(Please tell me you didn’t leave a flaming bag of poo behind…)
Have the mooohit your eye like a big pizza pie, but hold the garlic – Raising The Curtain
(I’d be more worried about anchovies. They burn when they hit your eyes.)
(Don’t ask.)

Stop by Vatican; give them cardinals your nomination for a new Pope –Brian
(I think the Cardinals are more interested in Pitchers this season…)
Get mad and abandon my husband by the Trevi Fountain…(I did that) zannyro
(Wouldn’t he get upset if we all abandoned him there?)
do not kiss the guys outside the colosseum even if it seems tempting butimbeautiful
(Was the guy near a fountain? Looking abandoned?)
Toga party, duh. –Lily In Canada
(Before or after the road trip to Food King? (Anyone?))
Do you really need to ask me this? I would sneak into the Vatican and persuade the cardinals to elect Wonderbutt for Pope. ~whatimeant2say
(Why sneak? WB could just eat his way in…)
Audition for Pope! – Hotspur
(You’ll nail the waving competition, but I hear the swimsuit round is tough!)
spit and say the murdered baby Jesus. x, Becca
(Littering and blasphemy! Do it with your same-sex spouse and it’s a trifecta!)
Apply for the job of Pope, I hear it’s vacant! benzeknees
(I can’t believe you just called the Pope “vacan-” Oh…oh, yeah…)
Tell everyone that I know the new pope is gonna be Oprah. Rogue
(Why would she want to give up so much power?)
Duh…do as the romans…WG
(Because that ended soooo well for them!)
…remember the rule about kilts applies to togas. Red.
(That they are decorated in the familial tartan pattern?)
I would utter, “Et tu, Brute?” to every passerby – just for fun. Grippy
(It’s the ones that answer that you should be worried about)
Don’t bring your fiddle. B_T
(I hear you can pick up a good used one, slightly crisp…)
apply for the Pope’s job (SnB)
(You are obviously quite secure in your hat wearing abilities!)
Do what the New Yorkers do. Oh, Snaap!
Rutabaga: Find a pope on a rope
(Just don’t drop it in the shower!)
toga….toga….toga!! (polysyllabicprofundities)
(Sounds like someone’s been hitting the Limoncello… )

Congratulations to Frank for this weeks winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular was MEEEEEENNNNNNNNTTTTTEEEEE!!!! (Italian for BRRRAAAIIINNNNNNSSSS!!!!), so congrats to all of you who chose a non-Pope answer to delay your trip to hell, at least for a little while…
This coming week will see the arrival of Spring, which has nothing to do with the poll, but I’m excited about it, so I thought I’d mention it.
No, this week the poll is technology oriented. We’ve been subjected to the commercials. We’ve heard the hipsters argue about different models. We all know someone who’s drank the Apple Kool Aid. So now we put the question to you!
IM your answer! Text your answer! Do whatever it is you crazy kids do to send in your answer! But do it by 21 March, 2359 EST, because that’s when this one ends. And if you need to convert that to a different time zone, well, there’s an app for that.
(If you leave an “other” answer with a way to recognize you, I’ll link back to you next week.)

And as we set off into the last weekend of winter (Huzzah!), enjoy these:
Since it will seem like no time at all until the next campaigning cycle starts, this will help you recognize the types involved.

And finally, what’s politics without religion?

Thanks for coming around, and see y’all round the ‘sphere!