Today, I am a mess.

Today’s Music: Bruce Hornsby

Chain of thoughts as I came up from a union (cigarette) break earlier:
“I should have stayed out for another smoke”
“I really don’t feel like going back to my desk”.
“I don’t want to work anymore”.
“I should check my lottery ticket”.

So that’s where my head is right now.
I’m very afraid that the golden handcuffs are on me, and that I never will jump in the truck and go see what’s on the other side of the hill.
Of course, the fear itself might be enough to push me to actually do something…

In fact, that’s it for this post. I’m going to see who’s up for a ride to the beach for some surfing on Saturday.

Any of you in a funk? (and how are you dealing with it?)

3 responses to “Today, I am a mess.

  1. Go surfing. Imagine the handcuffs aren’t really there because they aren’t really.

    I’ll catch up with you after the nap.


  2. Mr. Guapo, I like what you’re doing here. I’ve been looking at a LOT of blogs lately, and most of them are pretty lame, but yours is kinda cool.

    I’ll probably be checking back often.


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