Beatnik Poetry Slam – Regret

Today’s Music: Mongo and Loyd Daddyo- Java Hot


The place we shared is empty.
You said you won’t come back.
You said that I am just as bad
As every Tom, and Dick and Jack

You said I went from good to bad
From bad to worse to worst,
But I thought we’d be together
To the last, as from the first.

You cried and yelled,
And pushed and railed,
But still I would not change.

I guess I did it to myself,
Though still I find it strange

And now I’m here all by myself
My heart left ripped and beat

If only I could have remembered then
To put down the toilet seat.

Yeah, man

18 responses to “Beatnik Poetry Slam – Regret

  1. Dude, you’ve got too much free time on your hands.


  2. heh. went to a poetry slam once, probably 10 years ago. don’t remember most of it but lived in a tourist town at the time. remember it started:
    Oh the tourists
    In their bright Bermuda shorts
    Oh bright bright Bermuda shorts

    you get the picture. Was never asked back on stage after that. No worries. They had dollar beer… and it was always a (unintentionally) laugh riot.

    You put me in the dust hep cat.

    p.s. Mongo Straight


    • That’s awesome, Rachael!
      I once played the display piano in an upscale lounge at the top of an NYC landmark. Until the manager closed the lid.
      Guess he didn’t think Mary Had A Little Lamb was as cool as the Daddyo’s.
      You and me, we’re too real for The Man to understand..


  3. Smooth and cool, daddyo. And very good for the soul.


  4. therecoveringbrit

    LOL! Love that ending….


    • Thanks! I’m glad the cats and birds can dig it.

      I was in a grumpy mood all day and getting grumpier. I started writing the verses in my head, and then I was depressed. So to cheer myself up,I thought “yes, but why did she leave? Because I kept leaving the seat up, obviously“.
      And then I felt better.
      Silliness is good like that.


  5. Bravo! Because I loved this poem I am instructing 37 to leave the toilet seat up for the entire day in your honor!


  6. i wanna hear this read out loud! like a real poetry slam!


  7. Hahahaha Love the ending. Just too friggin perfect. I give it a thumbs up and a bravo! Poetry is fun but I either lose steam and have a completely left field ending 🙂 or well I had one attempt a while back, it wasn’t well received lol. This was great – sorry if I am redundant. Rather waggish actually. Keep on keepin on ! 🙂 Peace


  8. I loved the ending! It was ballsy, how you sold out our gender like that. Bravo! Now, go turn in your man card. I’m kidding! You probably already turned it in a long ti… oh, never mind.


  9. Groovy, man!
    I don’t know if that was appropriate or not, but I gave it a shot!


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