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Friday Foolishness – Horror Edition

Today’s Music: Halloween Theme Song

Welcome to the WordPress house of horrors. Don’t worry, there are no limericks awaiting you on today’s post…unless your mouse accidentally clicks HeRe or hErE!!!

Yes, it’s Friday the 13th. But before we move on to that, let us revisit…FRIDAY THE 6TH!!!!!! (Wow, that really isn’t scary at all…)
Last week’s poll had people throwing all sorts of things into the Hokey Pokey: (italics, as always, are mine)
putin Barking In The Dark
(Da, comrade. Da.)
Weapons-grade plutonium
(I’m not saying you’re wrong, but you may have some issues there…)
I will not work the blowup doll into this answer.
(but I had such high hopes!)
Sense of Balance
(Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a good hokey pokey?)
my ass. ‘Cause it’s funny to shake it all about. ~flame
(Funny and fun!)
Jupiter and half a bag of onionsLinda Vernon
(I have absolutely no idea what this means. Which means Linda wins this week’s poll!)
(Not sure if someone wants to put Kayjai in the hokey pokey, or if Kayjai wants to be in the hokey pokey. Either way, I approve.)
My left fin and my plastic ass. a la Jimmy Buffett.
(And math still sucks!!!)
what if I choose the wrong thing?? then what? fall off the bridge? nooo.lizziecracked
(There is no wrong thing. Just know whether the thing is African or European.)
the earplugsJohn Phillips
(Why? It’s not like we’re reading limericks…)
My ass, though I really don’t need a reason to shake it!sandylikeabeach
(You’re an inspiration to us all, Sandy!)

Since we’ve already seen that Linda won (CONGRATULATIONS!!!), we can now reveal that the most popular of the offered choices was
the knife. Deep. Because now that song is stuck in my head.
I can’t help but be touched. And afraid.
And congrats to all of you wonderful, wonderful, homicidal folk that picked that.

But now, the wind is blowing…the trees are creaking…off in the distance, a wolf is howling…
Hold on a sec – HONEY!!! Please turn off Ustinov reading Peter and the Wolf. I’m trying to blog here!!!

Okay, it’s Friday the 13th, and even though I’m not superstitious, I have to get back to the kitchen or the cauldron will bubble over and there will be split pea soup everywhere. so without further ado…
(Leave your name for a linkback if you write in an answer!)

As always, the poll will close next thursday at 1159pm.
And to keep you safe until then, Enjoy these.
The first was put in my head by Ashley Jillian

And this one was inspired by lizziecracked.