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Friday Foolishness – Posterity Edition

Today’s Music: Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks
Note On Today’s Music: No idea if these guys have staying power, but I’m digging this song lately…

Jumping off a bridge is fantastic!!!! There will be more on that in an upcoming post.
I was out of touch the whole week. A half decent internet connection and a netbook with next to no resources. If not for my phone, I wouldn’t even have had twitter. And that would really have sucked.
On the bright side, I have a monster stack of what I know will be fantastic blog posts to go through when I’m settled back in.
Today’s Music:
But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about y’all. How could I – not with so many great suggestions from last weeks poll – El Guapo’s launch (last?) words should be….
I’d be honored to have any of you write my eulogy. Just not yet.
So here they are, your answers to last weeks poll. (As always, my comments dangle in italics.)

AAAAAS YOOOOOU WIIIIISH (a little Princess Bride reference) wordsandotherthings
(Wasn’t that followed by “Ow ow ow” as Wesley fell? A lot?)
to INfinity and beyoooonnnnnddddd! LizzieC.
(Or perhaps “This isn’t flying. It’s falling with style!”)
anything is better than squealing like a little school girl right? LizzieC
(I keep telling myself that…)
No taillllll not a monkeeeeeeeey.. Lizzie C
(Technically, the bungee cord is a tail. Are you calling me a monkey?!? ;))
I forgot the shampoooooooo……
(For the soiling involved, shampoo isn’t quite the cleanser I need…)
I ought to write a blog post on my death…
(Done. Fortunately, I keep pushing back the auto-publish date)
“Beam me up, Scotty!” Michelle at Motley News
(I canna stretch the cord any more, Cap’n!)
I’ll be back – hotspur
(More like “I’ll be back”…Boing…”I’ll be back”…Boing…)
Khaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hotspur)
(Reminds me of a klingon proverb…)
no “hanging Boris” tricks, now, hear?!?!? http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/0
(Sadly, they took down the link. I think I’m thankful for that…)
Ooohhhhhh Shhhhhiiiii…”SPLAT”……. GingerSnaapedYourCord
(You’d think I’d jump from high enough to at least finish the word.)
I don’t want to Bungee back through my throw up… Bipolarmuse
(Better than bungeeing thrugh someone elses!)
Cheeeeze Whiiiiiz! Carrie Cannibalistic Nerd
(I that what I’m yelling, or what my vomit looks like?)
Geronimommy! Linda V
Wait! My mushrooms haven’t kicked in yet. Stay Abnormal
(Actually, I never let the high end!)
Shouldn’t I be wearing pants? – Calahan
(The answer to that question is always “Probably not”.)
Spoon!! – Alex Autin
(I was thinking “Not the face!”)
I’m an iddioooooooottttttttt (Elyse 54.5)
(Pretty sure that’s redundant as soon as I strap on the harness…)
I REGRET NOTHING! Just in case… 😉 NBI
(The regret comes 2.5 seconds after you jump.)
Voi V**** (Kanerva) (It’s the Finnish equivalent of the F-word!)
(My brain was in no shape to translate to English, let alone Finnish!)
Doesn’t what you scream depend on whether the cord holds? Sandylikeabeach
(In that case the scream is the same. It’s jst the landing that’s different.)
Where’s my pants! KJ
(That quesion isn’t just for bungee jumping, kayjai.)
El Guapo rides again! (FrankFrank)
(Maybe “El Guapo ‘sproings’ again”?)
Oh No! I tied a slipknot! Aeeeeeeeeeeeeeee SPLAT!!!!
(And that’s the last time I blow off the safety lesson!)
Unicorn penis! Bats 0711
(Couldn’t do profane. There were kids jumping. Without hesitation. Show offs.)
Babble at me, baby. (?) (Stacy Lyn)
(Oh, there was definitely babbling. And not the cool manly kind either!)
Congratulations to Linda Vernon for this week’s winning answer! And from the offered choices, the most popular was (by an overwhelming margin) Are you sure? Shouldn’t the cord be attached to me? So congrats to all of you who give me credit for paying attention up there too!

That’s the photographer i want for my cover shot!

That brings us to this weeks poll. As I stood about 200 feet off the deck, contemplating my doom, I wondered: Did I leave the gas on? Would Danny Devito play me in a movie version of my life? How should my biography begin?
That’s this weeks poll, everyone. In your autobigraphy, what will be the first line? Answer cotemplatatively, answer whiically, but anwer before 2359 est, 16 August, becuase that’s when this one ends.

And until next time, enjoy these:
First, the Smothers Brothers go electric!

And some of you will remember these – some quickies, from Rowan and Martin.

Have a great week, y’all!