She Said/He Said – Shoes

Today’s Music: Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Were Made For Walking

OMG – What did he say?
ROFL – What did she mean?
Gender is important.It’s hard to know what the other sex really thinks.
So the bent (or cracked) folk at Guapola and Running Naked With Scissors are gonna lay it out for you.
One speaks. The other responds.
You decide.
And make sure you see the other side of the conversation at Running Naked With Scissors.
And leave your suggestions for the next round in the comments…
She Said/He Said.

What a way to make an entrance!

Lizzie Cracked says
Well – check this place OUT! It looks even cooler from up here then it does in the comments area. I can see why it’s a great hang out for El Guapo… it’s so chill, so islandy beachy surfy…so …

Damn! I knew I shoulda gone with the flip flops! Although I think you have to admit this is a FANTASTIC pair of heels I got just for this occasion. They are kinda pinching my toes though…what was I thinking?

Since you asked – ok I did it for you but work with me here ok?

I was thinking when I saw these great examples of footwear that I HAD to have them.. No nothing I had matches them I got a new dress too but shhhhhh… I don’t want anyone to know I went to all this trouble’s supposed to look..natural, easy, second nature ) and I had nowhere to wear them … so I have looked at them for awhile..dreamed of them…coveted them…had a few fantasies that included the wearing of these shoes..what?

Tell me they aren’t sexy as hell? You can’t cause they are….they make my legs look longer and slimmer and at my height, this size heel is just perfect…takes me from notable to hot. Sorry… Hot…I KNOW what these shoes do for me…. I see you boys looking at me when I wear them…. the way you look at me. You are thinking those shoes, thigh high stockings…. and possibly some interesting props. Am I right? Yeahhhhh buddy… and you wonder why we wear these shoes and buy more :roll: Do I really have to s.p.e.l.l. it out for you?

Fine then. We don’t do it FOR you but it’s all your fault.

I will tell you truthfully, I am not that girl who has 100 pairs of shoes in the closet, or a different pair for every outfit or color or anything close to it. In fact, I have pretty much 2 pairs, one for cold weather that is usually a pair of comfy slip on suede boots, and one pair for warm weather. Sometimes two for warm weather. Flip flops and a pair of basic sandals. That’s my style. I am not going to apologize for it and in fact I have made more than one man happy that I don’t have to have a separate closet just for my shoes…. and really, truly, I hate shoes. I never understood heels casue I am than average.

I am a barefoot girl. Born barefoot and I most likely will die barefoot, and if not I will be again soon after my expiration. Shoes are not in the forefront of my mind. Usually.

BUT if I had to take sides – I am all in on the shoes and more shoes corner. I WANT to want shoes. I want to get a pair for every stinkng thing I own to wear.

The reason I understand it is because after my divorce, I was all of a sudden into shoes. I found this fabulous pair on sale that yelled LIZZIE!.. jsut like that. Loud too. For the first time in my life I wanted to buy shoes and I did. It was weird.

I used to make fun of my SIL and my Mom and my grandma and my daughter (shoe fanatics one and all! )… but not anymore. I was suddenly in the club. I understood and to this day still understand the draw, the need ,the urge (or want to really bad) of shoes and more shoes. I actually was up to 10 pairs – (heels too oh my! what a discovery) that I mostly bought just for the hell of it and if I needed a little confidence, I had a go to pair… that and a klonopin, I was unstoppable. Although you gotta be careful with klonopin and heels…. I’m JUST saying….. and that’s ALL I’m saying on that subject….

Anyways, they all fell prey to a pit bull puppy that liked shoes too. See guys your best friend likes them…. I have returned to my 2 to 3 pair state but I covet a pair every now and again…like these I have on today.

They are the thing that wraps up the look. Nothing like putting on your favorite pair of jeans and a great pair of shoes. And we (girls) all know you can wear jeans with so many different styles.. And I am here to tell you, I have been that girl that had the cutest outfit on and then when you get to the shoes, it. just. wasn’t. happening. anymore. In 8th grade. I got made fun of a lot. I don’t wanna talk about it.

I’m just saying I feel pretty qualified to pontificate on this subject even though I am a self proclaimed barefoot as much as possible non shoe owning oddity of the female persuasion.

Shoes can change the ambiance of the outfit… I can wear my black dress to the office – well maybe not but we will just go with it for today’s purpose, with a utilitarian pair of comfortable black shoes and if I am going out with friends or on a date (SOL) after work, change the whole look and feel of that same little black dress with a different pair of shoes. Let my hair down, a little darker lipstick, thigh highs instaead of L’EGGS control top….and I am a whole new woman. I mean ….the outfit takes on a whole new appeal.

That’s not to say that we buy shoes in great numbers for men.. I don’t and won’t.

It makes me feel good to have a great pair of shoes on. If I have to wear shoes at all, I am going to have a pair that makes me feel like a billion bucks. And guys, what happens to us girls when we feel like a billion bucks? When we know we got it goin on and have a confident air about us? A little more sway of the hip, confident glow…… yeahhhh buddy. You like looking at that huh?

It can be any shoe or boot or whatever…hell I have felt confident and sexy in a paid of combat boots…although on second thought that might have been more about what I w…..nevermind…..

It just all feeds off itself. I buy shoes that make me feel good, sophisticated, sexy, confident and you look ..appreciatively. Not only at the longer legs and the increased stature but at the whole woman…tell me confidence and ease doesn’t draw your eye? I see you looking and I feel more confident and I buy more shoes. Theoretically.

Ergo…your fault. Quit bitching guys. You know you like it

Enough about shoes. I gotta run. And if he lets me come back… I am coming a bikini.

What? I promised I wouldn’t be naked and I’d leave my scissors at home. I don’t have any shoes that match them anyways….

El Guapo says
Sigh. Heels, LizzieC? On the beach? Yes, they look wonderful. Yes, you could be a foot model.
But the way you’re wincing with every step means they’ll have to bring the camera to you.

Mouse shoes look comfortable!

I have to say, you make some excellent points. Clothes can change an outfit. But that’s how it starts.
First you need the shoes to match the outfit for work. Then another pair for the evening. Oh, but what about afternoon? Or dancing? Can’t forget the pair you’ll need for the first birthday party, or the one pair you bought for that event where you wore that dress – once.
So now you’re up to six or seven pairs. And so many events left out.
Why can’t the shoes be multi purpose? Why not DAY shoes and EVENING shoes? I have my everyday shoes, and my wedding/funeral shoes. My boat shoes I wear when the weather is warm enough for them, regardless of event. Yes, I’ve worn them to work and weddings.
No, the people who invited me weren’t surprised.

Guys agree, LizzieC. We want you to feel good. We love that extra spring in your step that confidence brings you.
But we wonder if that swn’ay in your hips isn’t from a $400 pair of AAARRRGGGHHH strapped to your feet. Half the shoes are based on designs form the dark ages Church.You know, when they were used for torture.
And now you buy pair after pair – “Oh, I can’t wear those again – I wore them just 3 months ago” or “no, that’s exactly the wrong shade of lavender to match this dress”.

You know what makes women hot? Their confidence, their elan, their humor. The shoes can help. But once you’ve passed the date milestone where the man has actually seen your closet, maybe it’s time to ease off a little.
You wear maybe 8 of the 30 pairs.
Him: “Well then why dont you get rid of the rest?”
Her, with aghast expression “I couldn’t! They’re like my children!!!”

The first step to dealing with a problem is...

Yeah, my girl owns several pairs of shoes. And I would never (seriously) suggest she gets rid of them. But that doesn’t mean I don’t shake my head whenever another box goes on the pile.

98 responses to “She Said/He Said – Shoes

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  2. High Effin Five! lol…. (donl’t tell anyone…but I think you made the point! Thanks Guap… this was fun… let;s do it again and ..I won;t wear shoes… :-) that’s the best way to go the beach…

    • I think this is one of those arguments that will never be decided, lizziec.
      That was a blast. We just need to figure out the next topic!

      • I am open to suggestions from the peanut gallery.. I say that with a lot of love for said peanuts.. – where IS the peanut Gallery?

        No I am gonna put these damn toe pinchers in the good will pile… friggin hurt.. and you are right..who needs shoes to e sexy ;-) oh damn…I just agreed with you again… lol

    • man why when I wanna keep it a secret am I the first damn one here…. I really think you should consider a extra pair… two categories per shoe type is enough… wedding/funeral.. then your boat shoes for everyhing else that doesn’t work with your slippers…I’m sure TMWGITU will make room for a couple of your shoe boxes…. we are going shopping later she and I :-)

  3. springfieldfem

    I wear the same smelly shoes all the time. :)

    “You know what makes women hot? Their confidence, their elan, their humor. The shoes can help. But once you’ve passed the date milestone where the man has actually seen your closet, maybe it’s time to ease off a little.”

    ^ loved that paragraph! Your lady is very lucky.

  4. I keep all of my shoes because I am cheap! Those things are pricey and even if I can only wear those stripper-shoes for 10 minutes and I can’t walk in them they are staying put, I shelled out $125.00 for those beasts.
    Great post, guap!

    • But then why would you buy them, Zen???
      I’m guessing they do look great when you put them on though.
      Boat shoes all the way!

      • I was toying with the idea, several, several years ago of doing some amateur stripping. No lie! But I chickened out and stuck to drug-pushing instead.
        Flip-flops for me, dude. I can wear them year-round here in AZ but I still like to challenge myself with a pair of heels every now and zen!

  5. You and Lizzie are a great comedy team!

    • Comedy, whitelady?!?
      We are delivering the finest in considered debates on the great questions of the day!

      No,I was not able to type that with a straight face. :P

      • It was a mighty fine debate! Bravo!!!! :)

        • I laughed my ever loving glittery ass off.. maybe we should be like the two stooges.. or.. now i am just being a nuisance… I like to ruffle his feathers a little.. come for a visit..kick my shoes off… take over his comment space… i gotta tell you he is a rock though.. not that kinda rock… solid like a rock…
          he didnt even crack when I trounced him in this debate… (ok..sorry.. he had some really good points and encourages his wife to buy shoes.. don;t tell him I said that though.. )

  6. Yay! Nice post! I have…*counting in my head* maybe 5 or 6 pairs of shoes and the majority are runners. I’m not a ‘heel’ wearer and hubby complains about that! He thinks women look goood in heels and I should participate. *sigh* they hurt and I like my comfortable shoes. Gawd, I sound old. Nice debate!

    • Wait – so you have a variety of current running shoes, kayjai?
      How do you decide which pair to wear? And what are the differences between them?
      Not old – wise. Wait til you see the next debate! (if someone gives us suggestions for it!)

      • My runners give out after a few months, but I hang on to them for lawn mowing and fence staining in the summer. I have a hard time parting with my darlings who have seen me through km after km of pain and agony, rain and cold, hills and wayward cars. *sigh* Maybe I should do a post about MY running shoes….BTW..I left you a suggestion for the next debate…

        • Keeping them for chores makes sense, but really? old trainers for sentimental value?
          And the finest minds of our Supreme Court Janitors club will begin arguments for your topic. Right after Geraldo ends. (they love that guy. No idea why.)

        • after a few months? really? how much do you run? I am really going to come visit you.. I have been behind… I used to run cross country..and of I started running again a few years back but busted my ankle while running.. miss it..

          oh..oops sorry – did it AGAIN… I was just hangin know me..friendly lovable.. exuberant emoticator…sorry..I’ll sshhhhh.. You ever see that movie with Bill Murray… What about Bob?

  7. OH! and next She said/He said: The Best Movie Ever Made. There.

  8. Both of you hand in your man cards.

  9. Wow, really EH? You need 2 man cards for people to take you seriously?
    Here, I’ll lend you some chest hair.

  10. Lizzie is amazing! She’s like trying to read a high-speed train as it races past you. And Guapo is like the much needed relaxing smoke afterwards.
    Well done!

  11. I don’t have as many shoes as I used to own – but I do have several pairs of flip flops. I also stay away from heels over 2 1/2 inches. I’m not into pain and as short as I am, heels aren’t going to fool anyone into thinking I’m a tall, leggy blonde. Of course, that’s also due to my hair not being as blonde as it used to be.

    Nice debate and much more polite, but just as funny, than Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtain when they spoofed 60 Minutes’ Point/Counterpoint back in the early days of SNL.

    • Do you have flip flops in sea- and mint- green Sandy?
      And I almost choked on my drink at the memory of the Dan and Jane bit. Classic, and thanks so much for the laugh!
      I’m guessing you also have a pair of ridiculously sturdy and comfortable shoes for dancing.

      • No sea or mint green, but I do have black, white, pink and purple – at $2 a piece for cheap flip flops I can let my colorful personality come out. I do have several pairs of dance shoes – jazz shoes, jazz sneakers, ballet slippers and a couple of pairs of heels for tango. It is actually easier to dance tango in heels than in flat shoes.

      • is that the “Jane you ignorant slut” one? cause if it is… I almost tweeted that today to you…true story.. and have been thinking of it quite a bit lol ..

        • Pretty sure that’s the one lizziec. And almost afraid to ask why you’ve been thinking that.
          Because I am not a slut. Anymore… ;)

          • I am pretty sure once a slut always a slut… in my exp….um opinion anyways BUT I also happen to think that you can be monogomous..and still a slut.. WHY are we having this discussion?

            My Dad cracks the F up and sometimes if he is in a mood says :jane you ignorant Slut!” then laughs really hard.. kinda cool actually..
            He musta said it recently – you said on Twitter- something about feeling cheap and iiking it,,,,it;s the first thing that popped in my head lol

  12. The Peanut Gallery is in my backyard

  13. Hi,
    When I was younger you couldn’t get me out of heels, but now I buy for comfort and the heels go on for night outs only. :D
    I do have a variety of different thongs (flip flops), and runners though, the runners will be going on very shortly as it’s 5.30am and I will be heading off for the morning with the dog. :D
    I love the mouse shoes, now they do look comfy.

  14. Best. Post. EVER. :D
    Guap, does that mean it’s weird if I own shoes to match every single one of my handbags??? ;)

    • No, that does not make you weird, Mona Lisa. I wonder what Guap would say, though.

    • Stacy and Mona, Guap is probably going to keep his mouth shut on this one because he knows there is no use in trying to convince a shoe zealot.
      Besides, it’s obviously waaaaayyyy too late for Mona Lisa.
      I have to ask though – do you have like 20 of the same bag, just in different colors?
      Yeah, I thought so. But I’m pretty sure you rock them all, so maybe there can be an exception. (Just don’t tell LizzieC – I’m trying to convince her I won!)

  15. I had to laugh as I read this post sitting amid two new shoe boxes that just arrived by mail today! (Both are flats by the way and have been bought to replace worn-out pairs that are in such bad shape that they’re ready for the garbage.) I have definitely outgrown the practice of wearing uncomfortable shoes just because they look good. For that reason, most of my shoes are flats and wedges (I could run a marathon in some of my 3-inch wedges, I swear). Still, I wear (comfortable) heels because they put me at eye level with some of the men I deal with at work and because they genuinely improve my posture. I really do think both those factors influence how people perceive me and how seriously they take me (right or wrong–studies prove height and presentation matter). I love shoes because for me fashion is a form of creative expression. I like to have fun with color and clothes. I don’t like to look like every other woman on the street. I love your girl’s mouse shoes!!! That she likes them tells me a little something about her personality! She is not afraid to embrace quirkiness and to be her own person! Love it! (With all that said, I know that all of the above has not convinced my husband that I need another pair of shoes. Ha-ha.)

    • Those are excellent reasons for your shoes, girlnextfloor.
      And I think going for comfortable and stylish or fun is much much better than stylish and painful.
      Show your husband the mouse shoes. He’ll probably cave.
      I did.

  16. I love those mouse shoes. Being as it is that I wear a 13-wide in women’s, I can’t do the whole cute shoes thing, so I normally wear Chuck Taylors. They go with everything,

  17. I don’t know what to do with this one. I am a shoe freak, no doubt about it. And I could never go out of the house with shoes that didn’t match my outfit – whether for the right color, style, occasion, what have you. But…..I lost all of my beloved shoes in Katrina, except the five or six pairs I evacuated with…and I swore to keep the shoe thing to a reasonable level. I think I have 25 pairs (or so), not counting boots. That’s a reasonable level, right?

    • But why can’t a shoe match several outfits, Stacy?
      Obviously they bring you joy, and I’m getting the impression that women with multiple pairs do get joy from them (credit to Mona Lisa for that), I just think I’ll never understand it.
      And 25 pairs? At my worst, I never had more than 5 hawaiian shirts!

  18. I’m almost 6′ tall, and though I love heels, I’m not into walking around like Godzilla. (I use to wear heels when I needed to intimidate people! haha!)
    I love them and I’ll wear them when I need a little boost.
    My favorite comment — “You know what makes women hot? Their confidence…”
    That’s where it begins and ends.
    Now I feel like I should go back to my old pointy black pumps avatar?

    • That was a great avatar, Lisa. But I stand by that line. The shoes have nothing to do with it (to me, who is pretty clearly in the minority here), and I love my girl just as much in her Chuck Ts as I do in her pumps.

      • hmmmm… see ..I think perhaps I shold explain the whole shoe confidence thing… and unfortunately, 3 seconds ago I had it down to less than 10 words… but I lost it.. so I’ll give it a shot….

        confidence, like true happiness, comes from within. I think you have to already possess it before you can flaunt it.. a great pair of shoes (or to put it into relatable terms here Guap – an awesome Hawaiian shirt perhaps?) can not give someone something they don’t have least not on a sustainable basis… the shoes do not make the woman – the woman wears the shoes… tell me have you ever had a day when you were feeling a little down or not so self assured and decided to wear your favorite Hawaiian shirt and you just felt better? It; almost a band aid..or a temporary smoke and mirrors – or a kick in the pants to get you back to where you should be..and really – if a woman doesn;t already posses the self confidence that makes her sexy – she wouldn;t even be wearing the shoes that add that little extra sway to the hip…. .that doesn’t have to be heels – combat boots…ChuckT’s…Mouse Shoes… sigh… did I manage to clarify? or just muck it up?

  19. I forgot to mention the Nancy Sinatra song — one of my favorites! Love it!

  20. Timely. I just spent a day laughing at Lori. She took a bag full of maybe 10 pair of shoes on our recent road trip. They stayed in the trunk of the car for the whole trip and she wore the 2 pairs that were in her suitcase when we left. 13 pairs of shoes, 7 day trip, 3 pair used. And she bought 2 more pair while we were there. Thank god for the 1 bag rule on aircraft.

    • Amen, John. I feel your pain.

      • Oh, pish tosh. I have a piece of luggage which never has anything in it BUT shoes. It goes in the hotel room with the bag with the clothes. I do not think I have ever come home with an unworn pair of shoes I did not buy on the last day there.

        You will have to see the rest of the story over at RNWS. ;)

  21. in manhattan – nyc, not kansas, for more years than i care to remember, i went barefoot, and rode a 650 BSA motorcycle. now, unless it’s a dressy deal, it’s mostly moccasins. and i literally have 40 pair of shoes. i love your back and forth…and i LOVE seeing a woman in high heels. continue…

    • 40 pairs?!?
      Ah well, if she can get an erudite man such as yourself Tony, then I guess the gig is up.
      Well played LizzieC. Well played.
      I am off to lick my wounds.
      And maybe get a new pair of cowboy boots… ;)

      • barefoot in NYC? that;s ….hot!

        there;s no crying in spirited debate my friend… or baseball. unless I (ever) fail to make the point…then I reserve the right to pout …

        Cowboy boots are a good idea – nothing like a pair of shit kickers to get ya back in the saddle… :-)

  22. Mouse shoes, I like them! Mice are so cute. I love boots because they always make me feel powerful, for some reason. I hate heels because I’m bigger than everyone in them, but then maybe that’s the point.

    • Yes Beautiful, but do the boots make you feel powerful because of the boot, or because you know you have a closet with 50 pairs with which to bludgeon your enemies into submission? ;)

  23. Who’d have thought you’d be giving so much thought to footwear, Guapo. I have a closet full of shoes…many of which I only wear when the occasion is right. I love my heels (even the 3 1/2″ silk ones) and I can walk well in them. And dance. For an extended period. With all the feminine stuff though, I’ve got 2 favorites. 1. My wool-lined waterproof leather boots (I just got them this winter…they are kick-ass warm and comfortable and they look really good with my biking jacket). 2. My composite-toe work boots. They’re comfortable and they keep me safe on the job.
    All the rest serve me well when I need them (for hiking, walking, running, sitting around looking pretty) so they’re all practical in that sense. The only thing missing at the moment is a pair of kermit the frog slippers. If you have any ideas of where I could get a pair of those, I’d be all set.

  24. I saw this on The Onion and thought it was a spoof – “Guapo Writes about Shoes”

    I’m with Ed on this one, besides, I’ve never worn high heels and the most expensive shoes I’ve bought are for either for golf or ballroom dance. OK, you get marks for creative insight.

    • If the Onion headlined this, I would take a screenshot and frame it Frank!
      And golf and ballroom shoes are necessary equipment for the activity. definitely justifiable.

  25. Saw it, Red.
    And I’m well aware of your shoe love (fascincation? addiction?)
    I can only hope this debate inspires you to get some of the help we all realize you desperately need.
    Perhaps a blog-tervention? But definitely keep the 5″ red ones – Those are very cool! ;)

  26. Wow, I thought I opened a can of worms talking about leaving the toilet seat up, but you surpassed that one talking about shoes. What is it with women and shoes? I need extra storage at home for my lady’s shoes. My sister is even worst, with 64 pairs of shoes…

  27. I have the same problem as my mom. Tall, afraid to tower over all the guys. And on top of everything, I have big feet so it’s hard to find shoes in my size. Target always pulls through for me though. :)

    • If your height and foot size prevent you from buying a ridiculous amount of shoes, I would say it;s just you saving yourself from you. And a good job too, Lily!

  28. Boy that was a Fun post! I enjoyed all the shoe talk. :+) Made me think of a couple of shoes I once had and wished I would have kept. Some shoes can be really uncomfortable I don’t miss those. What are you wearing now? :+) flip flops with sparkles and it’s snowing out. Just in case the sun does come out again.

  29. I do love some good shoes, I must say. And I don’t mean sensible ones. I don’t think I have enough élan all by my barefoot self.

    • I bet you have an epic amount of élan, whatimeant2say. And non-sensible (as long as they don;t chew up your feet or accumulate) is fine!
      But if Wonderbutt is allowed in your yard, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to go barefoot through there either. ;)

      • Wonderbutt is only rarely allowed in the human portion of the yard, so my bare feet are relatively safe from his, uh, gifts. My shoes are in more danger from Wonderbutt than my feet.

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  31. Most of my shoes are not made for walkin’…. if you catch my drift

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