Even Better Than The End Of The World – The Beginning Of A Year

Today’s Music: Eric Clapton – Rock and Roll Heart

Back when I started blogging, I found a lot of the blogs I follow by reading the commenters on other blogs. Good comments led to a link click, and to some of my best online friends today.

Except for one guy. He was on a lot of the blogs I read, commenting, back and forthing with other comments. But his link was just a gravatar pic.
One of the first things I learned about him in those comments was that he loved goats (seriously).
I kept an eye on him. Because he’s weird.
Then one day, the blogosphere was awhirl. Atwitter. Agog, even!
After months of gentle berating and cajoling, this whackadoodle got his own blog!
But it wasn’t all things animal. For instance, he doesn’t speak cat. For goodness sake, he drove a Vega!

But before you mock him too harshly, he’s one of the few I know who’s successfully used vomiting as a pickup technique. And there was a sci fi convention involved, so he’s got that in his favor too!

He has a deep knowledge of history, and important world events. But mostly the world wars.

Yep, John Erickson got hisself a blog.
And to go with it, he’s having a birthday.

A boy and his goat

A boy and his goat

Happy birthday John, and many more to come! Stay entertaining. Stay irreverent. Stay yourself.
I’m happy to just come along for the ride.

And they are too!
Doggy’s Style
A Frank Angle
Fifty Four and a Half
Life Of Jaimie
The Idiot Speaketh
Madam Weebles
WhiteLady In The Hood

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67 responses to “Even Better Than The End Of The World – The Beginning Of A Year

  1. Woo-hoo John!

    And that’s just how I met him too, Guap! Only I invited him to read a post of mine. Silly me.

    Have a great day, Sir John!

  2. Happy Birthday, John Erickson! Being a ‘whackadoodle’ is just a state of mind. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

  3. Is it just me or is everyone
    crackers around here? :) lmao

    Merry Christmas El Guapo and
    of course all the other nutters that
    call in here on a regular basis :) lol


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  5. Hey Guap .. you hit the nail on the head! Happy Birthday John!

  6. Another fantastic tribute to this John Erickson. I’m seriously going to have to check this guy out. I like goats, kinda…

    Nice work Guapo!!!

  7. Vomiting as a pick-up line, huh? Sounds like he should write for The Big Bang Theory. Happy Birthday to John!

  8. Hilarious! Goats. Goodness! Happy Birthday John! Stay cool.

  9. Happy Birthday!! I once owned a Vega!! We could be twins!

  10. ‘Tis the Season to be Generous of Spirit, El G. A trait imbued by you not just seasonally but…everyday. Seriously, you are my Man-of-the-Year!
    Happy Birthday to John Erickson…
    Enough already…..

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  12. Interesting…no comments from John yet. Maybe the Mayans got him!

  13. You really are thoughtful and weird in a delicious blend like a creamy Guapachino latte mocha with whip cream swirls.

  14. Happy Birthday, John! Any whackadoodle of Guap’s is a whackadoodle of mine!

  15. I’m still trembling from the visual picture in my mind of John speeding down the highway in a Vega………. :)

  16. I always learn so much by reading you, Gaup. Seriously.

    Have a good holiday, man.

  17. Hi,
    A very Happy Birthday John, I will definitely have to go over to John’s blog for a visit.

  18. As usual, great post Guaps! Merry Christmas!

  19. An excellent tribute to a unique guy, Guap!

  20. free penny press

    Happiest of Birthdays to John from EG’s faithful follower :-)

  21. Hey, I told you I’d get to ya! Sorry, it’s taking a bit to work my way though all the love – and a recalcitrant wood furnace, fighting cats, overflowing vacuums, all the stuff that makes a birthday fun! :D
    Thanks SO much for all the great birthday wishes! And something tells me you had a Vega in your background somewhere, Guap. C’mon, admit it! ;)
    Again, thanks to everybody for all the bloggy love. And thanks for the tribute, Guap. I’ll find a way to pay you back… trust me …. some way that’ll be … INTERESTING …. (insert evil laugh here) ;)

  22. I love your outlook, buddy! I wish I had your optimism…

  23. Happy We Are Still Alive Day!! Heeheeehee

  24. Awesome birthday post. So nice to meet you, John, I hope you make it to many more of these shindigs Guapo throws.

    Happy survival of another Apocalypse day and all that jazz. Hope the Cmas crazies are keeping their distance. Happy new year to you and TMWGITU.

    Red & the tribe.

  25. You’re almost scary. But in a fun, non-restraining order sort of way. My first serious girlfriend drove a Vega. It was red too. I will always love that car. Wouldn’t that be something? If this pic was HER car?
    Alright pal. You got me again. As per usual.
    Merry Christmas, handsome.

    • Please tell me the car wasn’t the reason you broke up, Cayman.
      Though no one would blame you if it were…

      Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, to you and yours!

  26. Congrats, John, and I look forward to reading your work. I take my wackadoodleness (wackadoodletude?) very seriously. It’s the only real thing in life that’s 100 % fun, other than vomiting for pickups (eeeew). Guap, I am trying to get in line with your polls!!! Merry Christmas, Happy Festivus! Amy

  27. Happy Birthday, John! It’s so nice of you guys to do this for your pal. I’ll have to pay him a visit. But, I’ll tell you, I wouldn’t fall any vomiting pick up line. There must be some serious sci-fi involved.

  28. Happy holidays! My dear friend, I have been out of control working, but will be back full time in the new year. Peace!

  29. Holiday cheers to you and yours! Peace to all. :)

  30. I had a Vega once! 1974. Hoo, boy.

Ahem *best Ricky Ricardo voice* Babble-OOOoooo!!!

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