A Literary Limerick – Reapers With Issues

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I’ve been going pretty strong with the limericks lately. Mostly, they’re a fun way to poke fun at cultural icons. Out of all of them though, there has been one so far that I actually wanted to work well.
It was for a blogger I like, and I wanted to convey some of the fun and story of the book she’d written.

Well, she’s written another. And it’s hilarious.
She’ll tell you straight up, it isn’t for the dogmatic. It pokes fun at Jesus. It pokes (maybe bludgeons would be a better word?) at god and at the four horsemen of the apocalypse.
About the only character in this ensemble that comes off like I would expect is Lucifer. Except for the track suit. Too hellish even for him.

I’m not even going to try and explain this one. Think of it as a view of quite possibly the worst middle management situation under…well, under heaven and earth.

Everyone that stops by here has a great sense of humor, and y’all have been able to take some of the most inane jokes. I think you would enjoy reading through the book.

At the very least, you’ll be able to understand the limericks!
The first actually holds to the plot. the second…well, reread it after you’ve read the book. It’ll make sense then.
And possibly make you feel a bit ill while you laugh…

Reapers With Issues
Reapers known as the Apocalyptic Four,
overworked, downtrodden and sore
Lucifer trapped Jesus and his pup.
Managed to gum almost everything up!

But Grim, on his horse, settled the score

Reapers With Issues (for those who’ve read it!)
Each Reaper had a favorite meat-suit
For acting in ill-repute
Jesus would have none of it
While Lucifer made fun of it.

Oh, and Genghis thought the doggie was cute.

And I hope you go check out H.E. Ellis and her Reaper cohorts

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56 responses to “A Literary Limerick – Reapers With Issues

  1. YOU ADDED GENGHIS TO THE LIMERICK!!!! That is awesome. You have no idea how long I waited to type the one sentence where…well, you know. I am a sick, sick, pup.

  2. You’ve certainly got me intrigued. Must go check it out.

  3. Guapo, thanks for the props on this project. H.E. worked really hard on this volume. And yes, I agree – you have NO IDEA AT ALL how long she wanted to type that one sentence. I think I heard about it daily for about two solid weeks.

  4. There once was an author named Ellis
    Who has the knack for writing with zealous.
    With a Guapo review to chew
    That was not blue, phew, or ka-choo.
    And for Ellis we continue to be jealous.

  5. Ha! “Overworked, downtrodden and sore” <– my favorite part.

  6. The best book review ever in limerick form!

  7. All these super talented folks! I am so impressed. Way to go – H.E. Ellis!

  8. Ha, nice, El G!! I’m going to have to read this. Just from the title, the book sounds great, but your limericks are piquing my interest even more.

  9. “Stuck in your memory” Now that’s a good sign. Makes for a funny visual :+) It’s nice when you find a author that you want them to write more and write faster!

  10. You got my attention. I will check it out. :) You know what? You’re awesome to your friends.

  11. It’s almost like you invented limericks! Patent perhaps? You totally rule this.

  12. Mr. Guapo, sir. You rock the limmerick in every way shape and form. You should post this on amazon as for a book review! Superb!

  13. Thanks so much, El Awesome-O!

  14. Actually I bought Reapers with Issues, thinking, that looks funny (and being a non dogmatic kind of gal). But it was a pdf and was too small for my kindle. Time for a second try at technology!

    • If you go to H.E.’s blog (www.heellisgoa.com) she might be able to help you out.

      It’s a fun read, and from some of your posts, I bet you’d get a kick out of it!

    • Thanks! I hope everything works out. Please let me know if it doesn’t. Love you Limerick, by the way. I’ll keep you in mind for a certain project I’ve setting up for the summer of 2013.

  15. What a strange & bizarro coincidence…I am about to post some limericks…of my own design however -

  16. A thought just occurred to me-
    You do know there are three more books in the series, right? Looks like you’re going to be very busy, limerick boy! Maybe you should sub-contract.

  17. You’re a true poet. I don’t know much about the Grim Reaper, but I do know about the other guys. I haven’t looked at the book, but it seems like you did it justice!

    • H.E. also has a great YA book out. (Just one. Because she’s lazy. Hmph.)
      Not sure if it’s appropriate for the kids you babysit, but good for teen boys…

  18. You are a gifted limerickian, Guap. I may just have to check out this book!

  19. You’re pretty amazing, ya know that?

  20. Well, I’m pretty sure there’s at least one talented author and a clever limerick writer who’ve just made their reservations IN THE FIERY PITS OF HELL!

    Black Flag doesn’t help, you iniquitous smut-peddler!

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