All Day Mental Moment – Whee!!!

Today’s Music: Tori Amos – Big Wheel

WOOHOO!!! It’s time for a Mental Moment!
But this one isn’t just a moment – it lasts a whole day. And beyond, even!

Doin’ the happy birthday dance!

Maybe you’ve seen mental moments before. Maybe you’re thinking a proper mental moment should be all Veggie Tales and Batman.
Or maybe you just think Batman is hot.

But this isn’t that kind of Mental Moment. It’s a 24 hour Mental Moment! But you already knew that. Because you saw above where is says ALL DAY.

Ok, maybe you like the frivolous ramblings here. But maybe you like these moments with (3/7) more substantial thoughts, with substance and eloquence?

There, satisfied? Of course you are. Now before I get to the point, why don’t you grab yourself a cup of coffee and a donut? I’ll wait…

There, all set? Have you figured it out yet?
You did?
Did the clue in the title help you out?

Then you realize that we’re celebrating the anniversary of another trip around the sun for Lizzie Cracked, the Chief Articulator of Running Naked With Scissors! Whee!!!
That’s right – HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZZIE!!!, one of the coolest bloggers people on the planet!

But you already knew how cool she is. Over the last year, you’ve seen her brave posts about living as a bipolar, about raising kids on her own, about dealing with some truly ridiculous people who have a paucity of nice bones in their bodies.
You’ve seen her overcome challenges, embrace differences, and you’ve probably come to realize, like I have, that people are just people, and when you meet a good on (like Lizzie), well, that’s worth celebrating.
Even if they do occasionally torture you with Veggie Tales.

And it is my honor, and my privilege to call her a friend and wish her a happy birthday.
The world is a better place with her in it.

So join us in celebrating, with a scavenger hunt! Somewhere in this post is a clue in italics! and a number!
So go to the other blogs that are celebrating. Find all the words and put them in order in front of “” and go check out Lizzie’s birthday site, and wish her a Ridiculously Happy Birthday!!!

The rest of the clues are hidden here:
Buddha Kat
Writer Wannabe 763

They all put a lot of effort into making a great birthday treat for Lizzie. I know you’ll like them all!
But for those of you feeling really lazy, I suppose you can go right to the birthday site

And have a great day. Whatever your mental state.

58 responses to “All Day Mental Moment – Whee!!!

  1. ok.. I am a little verklempt. a lot.and this is my first stop in an apparent ride around.. so I am gong to say thank you..which of course already doesn;t begin to cover it…and I will be back in a bit… Here.. donuts..with extra sprinkles..
    and i’m sorry I can;t leave the napkins – I blew my nose and ..brb..thanks ❤


    • Happy birthday, and enjoy the ride!
      For extra fun, I have no idea when the rest of the posts will come online…

      Have a great day, LizzieC, and not thanks on the napkins!


  2. Tad early I’m afraid – but it is up!


  3. What a nice birthday tribute! Happy Birthday Lizzie!


  4. Happiest of birthdays, Lizzie ❤ Cannot wait to see all the others 🙂


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  6. Another fantastic birthday ho-down courtesy of the Guap! Love it! I went directly to the site (because I’m lazy) and gazed at all the wonderful loot assembled there. I should know this person! Now maybe I’ll check out the scav hunt. Happy Monday!


  7. You just HAD to use Lederhosen Man, didn’t you?!?



  8. And that image you provided of the dancing man in his tightie yellows should be birthday gift enough…


  9. Guapo, you are such a cool and wonderful blog friend! I know Lizzie will be delighted with her birthday tribute.


  10. You are the Mastermind Birthday Hunt Organizer Man! And a wonderful heartfelt tribute to our beloved Lizzie! YAY!


    • Lizzie deserves nothing less, Linda!
      And perhaps even more expressive babies.


      • You are so right El Guapo!! 😀


      • ok can no longer deny the have been outted. not just here either 😛 and i would like to have been a fly on the wall..or a bug i the computer? a lizziebug kin to the ladt bug but not quite the lady..hee hee…oh why? to see you and your cohort Gingersnaap..trying to ..nah I think you guys do that for my benefit huh?

        dammit that reminds me I forgot to do it again. ug and heck! (look lighter cuss words for the start of a new era….

        gotta run You FU**** Rock!!!!!!

        cmon I starred it out.. it is more a rock 🙂


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  12. Aww this is very sweet. I will check out her blog.


  13. Best. Music. Video. Ever. I want a pony too.


  14. Really nice to have bloggers going that extra mile for some other bloggers birth day, job well done. And Happy Birth Day Lizzie.


  15. Happy birthday, Lizzie! I’ll have to check out that site, as I am awfully fond of both the Veggie Tales and Batman (to whom my attraction is mostly non-sexual).

    Paucity is an awesome word!

    Fortunately, my mental state usually lends itself to having at least a pretty good day, but I’ll go for broke and try for great! Thanks, Guap!


    • I applaud your mental standard being “pretty good”, Smak!
      And if you had a sexual attraction to Veggie Tales, I’d be pretty disturbed/
      Larry is a cucumber of God, I hear.


    • yes Paucity! I agree thank you for telling him because I meant to.. Bat man is well there is two versions of him that ya now totally fanning face ….otherwise.. hey wonder if that one is still there.. I havent had the vegetables of God for awhile what do you say Guap should I roll em out for a day or ..2?

      and thanks so uch for the biethday wishes Smaktakula saw you am over to my side too…yay!!!


  16. babble, babble, babble… WOW, EG, you have outdone yourself and done used the word winner of the day ‘PAUCITY”!!! Congrats for your vocabularic gold medal!! And well deserved, considering you only had “with” to work with, in the hunt!!! I must say, I was delighted to have such a fun word, so THANKS!!!



  17. I remember the first time I saw Tori Amos. It was down at the waterfront complex in Camden and she was opening for Alanis. Goosepimply is what it was.


  18. free penny press

    The good one’s we meet in life make all the other BS seem pase’!!!
    Happy Birthday Miss Lizzie!!!!


  19. Is this dude on the picture a fireman? 😀


  20. whiteladyinthehood

    awww, Guapo! You are so sweet and special. That was a very nice post and Batman IS hot, but not as hot as YOU!

    Happy Happy Birthday Lizzie!


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